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Psychic Mediums FAQs
Fact: There's more than one type of intuitive advisor, so if you've been asking yourself "How are psychics and psychic mediums different?" you've come to the right place. It's important to understand the nuances that make these experts tick to ensure you receive the proper type of reading and the guidance you've been looking for. Ahead, all the advice you need to clear up any confusion so you can go on getting the answers you need.

How are psychics and psychic mediums different?

Psychics are in a class of their own because they rely on logic to decipher the material they collect, whether that's words, sounds, memories, feelings, images, etc. Next, this information is translated into a digestible format that the recipient can understand. This is achieved through both perception (telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance), as well as the senses.
So, then can a medium predict the future? No, mediums are not sanctioned to make predictions because that would deter them from their main focus which is confirmation that there is some form of human identity after death (the difference between these two should be pretty clear by now!). Not only can mediums communicate with the lost loved ones, but they can also channel the energy of your spirit guide or other present forces. This is achieved through intuitive abilities and extrasensory perception such as inner sensing, seeing, and hearing.

How does an online reading work?

Mediumship readings over the phone are in fact a very common practice, but each spiritual adviser has their own approach to tuning in to their client. Some examples include hearing guidance, seeing visions, voice, channeling, working with angels or a guide, or old-fashioned intuition - just think of it like an intuitive conference call! If you're a bit apprehensive about working with a medium, know this: There's nothing to be intimidated about. You won't be possessed or harmed like you see in the movies, but when it comes to hearing potential answers to things you may not want to hear, phrase your questions carefully.

How do I choose the best medium for me?

Unfortunately, a lot of spiritual advisors get a bad rap, which makes it more difficult to the legit professionals with merit. So, when seeing a medium for the first time, you really have to do your homework. Along with looking at factors such as credentials, areas of expertise, and reviews, you then have to make sure you're comfortable with and trust (use your best instincts) your medium as you'll be opening many spiritual doors during your session.

I think I may be psychic. How can I develop my potential abilities?

If you feel you are showing signs of being a psychic medium (you know things without knowing how you know, your dreams become a reality, you can sense what others are feeling sans words, etc.), then the next step is to learn how to develop medium abilities. Of course, the most obvious starting point is believing that you actually do have such powers as self-doubt will only hinder your practice - self-confidence, positivity, and fearlessness are key. It's also important to have peace with yourself and others, so for heaven's sake, let bygones be bygones. Practice your skills by trying to read other's thoughts, expanding your imagination to master remote viewing capabilities, and by trying to determine the history of an object merely by touching it. It takes time, practice, and patience, so don't give up!
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