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Astrology Charts for Fur Babies or Finny Friends
10 minutes for $1.99
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Want to give your pet a long happy life? Let me draw their birth chart and study the transits at work in their chart so you can learn how to help them live long happy lives.
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I have decades of experience as a Professional Astrologer and have recently started to draw Birth Charts for my own Pets....and those of my friends and family. I drew my first transit report for a friends Golden Lab who was out of sorts and not his usual happy self. And using his birth information.....birth date....birth location and birth time....I was able to draw his birth chart and see that he was going through a very difficult time in his life...much like his human counterparts....and I helped his owner see that he would snap out of it in time and be back to his loving self. And he did.

So I was sold...I can draw charts for my clients and their pets to help to see if they are compatible....the same way I do it for human relationships. I can draw charts for our animal friends that can help us understand them better. This is so much more than just looking up their horoscope for the day its determining the placement of the planets at the time of your birth which can help you understand them better too.

I am accepting email requests for readings for your pets. What I need is your question or concern and your pets birth information....date....location and time. I will do the email reading and you can contact me via phone or chat if you have any questions about the reading.

For a Simple Transit Report.....I charge 20.00. This includes your pets birth chart and most recent transits.

And for a Synastry or Compatibility chart for you and your best friend....its 30.00 and I'll need both of your birth information and any concerns you may have.

Give it a try I'm sure you'll learn a lot about your pet and yourself.

Since this can be a long process I am unable to do a phone reading for you but I would love to draw your chart...and use it to answer your question or to help you better understand yourself. To do this I will need your Date of Birth, Your Time of Birth....and your Birthplace....city and state or country. Its important to have all three components and to ask a clear concise question. I can draw your Natal/Birth chart and share with you the placement of the planets when you were born and than by studying the movement or tranists of the planets determine how best to help you find the answer you are looking for.

I can also draw a Synastry chart for you and someone who you would like to know more about and determine if you are compatible according to the charts. This would mean I'd need both birth information for you and your intended. This involves drawing two charts and comparing them...you will be amazed what this can teach you.

My background is as a Tarot Reader on Keen and elsewhere for the past 40 years. The Tarot is my favorite form of divination but I believe that Astrology can do a lot to help you find the answers you need. Its especially good to have as we enter into the new year.

After receiving your chart you can call me to help you better understand your chart. I look forward to helping my clients and friends find their answers using Astrology.
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My readings are honest and I speak in plain language so you can understand what I'm saying. My approach is to help you in the best way that I can to use the knowledge I share to benefit you and your life.
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