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Spiritual Readings FAQs
So, you decided that you want to dive deeper into your soul and find out more about your purpose in life - and no, we don't mean that job you're hustling at, Sunday laundry, or the copious showers you've thrown for all your now-married friends. When you've got a busy schedule yet you're craving some guidance and structure, an online spiritual reading is the next best thing to say, having a maid clean your house. But if you're not sure what to expect and how to go about finding the best advisor, not to worry. Here are some of the most popular questions surrounding online spiritual readings.

Will I get the same result from an online spiritual reading than I would an in-person reading?

The main difference between an online reading versus an in-person reading is that you're not going to have the ability to pick up on body language, but the result is absolutely the same. A professional advisor's abilities work remotely from a distance the same way they would work if you were sitting face-to-face. Not to mention, an online reading might work to your advantage if you're uncomfortable opening up and/or concerned about anonymity. There's also the convenience factor! An online spiritual guide is available to you 24/7, so you can seek guidance whenever - and wherever - the mood strikes you.

There are so many psychics to choose from! How do I know which one is best?

It's really more about determining which advisor is best for you, not trying to decipher the best in the bunch! You can tell a lot about a psychic advisor just by reading their profile - think of it like reading a cover letter for a job. Does this person draw you in? Do you like their theories on various topics? What type of experience do they have? Does it align with what type of reading you're seeking? You may want to consider "interviewing" your psychic by getting a short reading first. This way you can see if you gel well from a conversation standpoint, too. It's important to feel some sort of connection, even if it's remote via a chat or phone call.

What's the best way to phrase the questions I ask a psychic so I get the best reading?

Great question! Whether you want to learn how to cope with the loss of a loved one, get a dream interpretation, or figure out your purpose in life, the best questions to ask a psychic are not passive (Will I?), don't look for reassurance (Should I?), and don't ask for specifics (Who/What/Where.) Instead, phrase your questions in a manner that you'll receive advice that will lead to solutions. For example: "What can I do to achieve my goals?," "What is the main reason I'm feeling unhappy at work?," and "Why is my marriage taking a downward turn?."

Can a psychic help me become more spiritually aware?

Absolutely! If you want to know how to become more spiritually aware, start by getting a spiritual reading. Unlike other readings, this one helps you seek out your main purpose in life via visceral guidance and a spiritual connection to your past, present, and future lives. The results tap into your spiritual, psychological, and emotional self.

Why should I consider getting an online spiritual reading?

Aside from learning how to become more spiritually aware, this particular reading goes deeper to help you discover the things that make you happy in life so that you can find your purpose. It's also a great sounding board for asking questions such as, "What is my guardian angel trying to tell me?," "What were my past lives?," "How can I feel closer to a (deceased) loved one?." or "Am I on the right path for living my best life?."
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