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Vedic Astrology Traditions
Vedic astrology is an ancient practice is renowned for its accuracy. It is based on Jyotish, the traditional Hindu system of astrology that originated in India many centuries ago, and the law of karma. Vedic astrology uses the sidereal zodiac, which considers the position of the sun against the fixed star positions. Most Western astrology traditions are based on the tropical zodiac, which follows the seasons. Vedic astrology is also known as Indian astrology and Hindu astrology. On Keen.com, we have several astrologers specializing in Vedic readings to give you informed chart predictions based on the ancient practice.
Vedic Astrology Readings In a Vedic astrology reading, the Vedic astrologer uses natal charts and considers the position of celestial bodies at the exact time of your birth. You are provided with insights about past, present, and future. You also learn more about your karmic tendencies, destiny, and life purpose. Jyotish readings are particularly useful for decision-making. Consult with a Vedic expert to get insights about choices you are facing such as career, marriage, partners, relationships, or financial matters.
What Keen Offers When you first register on Keen, you can get a free 3-minute Vedic astrology reading. After your three minutes have been used, you will be asked if you wish to continue or end your call.
Keen will never charge you without your explicit permission to do so. We also keep your personal information private. There's no need to worry about the safety of your identity - not even your astrologer knows who you are! This way, you can get an accurate Vedic astrology reading securely online without worrying about your identity being disclosed. You can also get your Vedic reading completed through phone, Keen Chat, or even receive an email reading - 24/7. Keen wants to ensure you are happy with your experience and offers a satisfaction guarantee.
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Still have questions and want to discuss one of these topics with a verified expert? Get a reading from a Keen astrologer to get additional insights and information - online through Keen Chat or by telephone. Advisors in Keen's network specialize in many topics, including Mayan astrology, Chinese astrology, past life analysis, chakra cleansing, aura cleansing, psychic medium readings, cartomancy readings, angel card readings, and tarot card readings. Keen also offers a daily horoscope that you can check online - or subscribe by email to get your free horoscope in your inbox!
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