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Chandler Armstrong Astrologer
Chandler Armstrong Astrologer
Psychic Astrologer, Life, Career & Relationships!
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Master Psychic Astrologer Chandler Armstrong has been amazing people for over 35 years. A master astrologer, his accuracy comes from 5 generations of tradition and the 1000's astrological charts he's interpreted.
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Metaphysics, Esoteric Philosophy, and everything mysterious are in my blood.. literally. My ancestry and family have been connected with organizations such as the Brotherhood of Luxor, as well as Anthroposophy Theosophy and Hermetic Orders from Russia, Germany, the United Kingdoms, Scotland and Poland. My training in astrology began at a very early age with a passion for metaphysics, eastern and western spiritual traditions, which instilled a great depth to his work, and the wisdom shared in my consultations. I employ several techniques, from several different branches of traditional astrology including Horary Astrology, Cosmobiology, Composite Charts, Electional Astrology, Predictive, Esoteric Astrology and much more.

In addition to astrology, I also have trained in energy healing, various spiritual traditions, and several healing arts, and often employee healing techniques based you your astrological indications (Chakras Balancing, Vibrational Remedies). I taught two very popular workshops in the 90’s “Astrology for Healers” and “Healing for Astrologers” which I still get requests for to this day, and maybe offered again once I’ve updated my textbooks so they are current!
Approach to Topics
Most of my clients simply ask me to tell them what is happening in their life, and I'm usually able to see the major themes and important events, trends, and shifts happening in their life. My focus is always helping you create your best life ever. For those who have specific areas of life that they would like to focus on, I can offer a special session to look just at what you want to look at.

Career Sessions look at your best vocational path to Success! Your career should be an expression of your uniqueness, talents, aptitudes, and should bring joy and purpose into your life, as well as make a contribution to making the world a better place. So many of us get off track and end up working jobs that are not fulfilling and take more from us than they give us. Let me help you find your path to your true purpose, and you'll never feel like you are working again.

Relationship Analysis Sessions use several techniques including Synatry to look into the "chemistry" of two people, and while most often may be applied to intimate relationships, children, parents, business partners, and even businesses, corporations, or virtually anything you "relate to". Composite Charts to examine the relationship as a fusion of the two individuals involved, unlike Synastry, which shows the impact of one individual upon the other. Together with a look at current transits, directions and progressions are activating your chart, we look in-depth at the relationship between your shared karma and destiny.
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