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A master psychic, I've given over 22,000 readings since 1999. Using the tarot and whichever psychic skills manifest at the time, I can give you amazing levels of accuracy and insight, on any subject you would like me to.
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In the year 2,000, I began my career as a professional psychic, giving readings in person. From 2001, I began giving readings by telephone. I am now experienced in almost every psychic art, and have given some 22,000 consultations to the public, across the world.

This all began in 1999, when I found myself manifesting all kinds of psychic abilities. Over the next year, I attended some classes at the local spiritualist church, and friends and strangers began having readings with me, frequently appearing 'out of nowhere' to do so.

When I told people things about themselves I wasn't supposed to know, I often met with praise for the accuracy, and even unnerving detail, of the information. Spirit guides and other phenomena often appeared, and my clients and I had many amazing experiences which I can hardly begin to recount here.
Approach to Topics
When you have a reading with me, I will ask you your name, and what you'd like me to look at for you.

As a natural psychic, I gaze into the tarot, where I see what I need to tell you. Neither the book meanings of the cards, nor anything learnt beforehand, are usually a part of my readings.

I'm happy to talk on any topic you like. As the reading progresses, my Guide will use my psychic abilities as necessary; sometimes weaving in and out of different ones to put the information across.

I'm a straightforward communicator, but by no means do I seek to 'tell you the truth whether you like it or not'. It is more likely, for example, that I will show you everything you experience, in such a way that you can see it in a new way for yourself.

My Guidance will prove itself to you, and before the end of the reading, you should have the clarity, understanding and peace that you seek.

I enjoy talking to people, and my style is relaxed, like talking to a friend.
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