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Citrine Angel

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91 readings since 2011
5 minutes for $1
Loving Intuitive Psychic and Dream Interpreter
I am highly empathic and psychic and I am very good at interpreting your dreams and telling what they really mean and who was really in them. There is so much help out there for you! Let me help you get the most out of them!
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About Me
About Me
It is easy for me to use my intuition to hone into your particular situation and interpret it accordingly. I can tell you what your loved ones are thinking or feeling instantly, and I love to take care of people, it is what I do. Your loved ones want
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
I have always known that i am special with gifts to share. I have always been the one who listens and the one that everyone comes to in time of need or grief. I am a good shoulder to cry on and listener :) I have been giving readings since i was in
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