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Clair Harmony
Clair Harmony
The Intuitive Empath
10 minutes for $1.99
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Compassionate and straightforward spiritual advisor. Can channel thoughts, feelings, emotions.
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I started noticing my gifts at a young age and have been developing them over the years, helping others get to a path of love and balance. I am an Empath I FEEL ENERGY and have a "scanning system" for thoughts, feelings, and emotions and possibly past, present and future life occurrences. I can also use Tarot or Oracle as a tool to further and Intuitive messages or guidance in a reading. I have a great balance of compassion mixed with a straightforward approach when it comes to topics. Here to tell you the truth whether it is good, bad, or indifferent.
Approach to Topics
Having 10 years experience and working as an empath I connect to your energy and energy around you getting sensations about the matter at hand and as a Clairvoyant reader I often get images or symbols that help guide the reading.

To help tap into energy faster and get the most out of the reading, I may ask for names to create a direct energetic link and direct communication to spirit guides. Also having questions ready is the easiest way to get right to the point of the reading.

How being a Reiki and Crystal Reiki Master helps during readings is how I connect to energy and my knowledge of crystals and their vibrations I am able to guide you in rituals to remove blockages, clean auras, and balance chakras. Also give advice for particular crystals to help you in many situations to keep balance.

My goal is to help you gain perspective also aiding you to self empowerment and self love to handle anything that comes your way.

✨ Please be advised an effective reading requires a longer time period than 2-4 minutes, Especially when there is multiple energies or questions involved. As an empath a lot of the time I decipher energies and at times put it into my own words to give you the answer and simplified understanding of and what the intentions, thoughts, and emotions are coming forward.
Thank you , your understanding is appreciated.✨
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