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Donna Rose
Donna Rose
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What are their true feelings? Are they cheating? When will they reach out? Is it over, should I move on? Psychic Empath and heritage Tarot reader with 20+ years experience. Compassionate, discreet and confidential!
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Skills & Methods
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Dream Exploration
I have been reading Tarot for 25 years and use a heritage deck that has been with me since I was a child. I was taught by my aunt who was taught by her mother and I am just one in a long line of celtic women going back several generations with what we call in my family “the gift”. I am a psychic, emotional and physical empath, which means I will experience the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations of others around me. Gaining control and channeling this ability in a positive way that would be both healthy for me and helpful to others has taken years of hard work, but has proven very rewarding.

Since my earliest memories I have heard, seen and sensed things that others around me did not. Often finding this frightening as a child, I spent many years trying to rationalize my experiences with the spirit world and the paranormal, writing them off as dreams or optical illusions. But once I began reading Tarot and came into the full understanding of my empathic abilities, I couldn't deny it any longer, I learned to accept these experiences and visitations as a part of my normal life, and eventually started to be receptive to the guidance and messages they bring.

Approach to Topics
In my readings I focus on being compassionate and nonjudgmental but also honest, specific and direct. I specialize in love, sex and relationship issues. If you have questions about another persons intentions towards you, their motivations, or their true feelings, I can give you answers that they cannot or will not give you. Do you wonder if your partner is cheating, if someone has secret feelings for you, if someone is lying to you, if your ex is wanting to come back or if it's time to move on? I will be honest with you and I will not waste your time. My readings are conversational, so please be open and ready to talk! As a clairaudient psychic empath the sound of your voice is an important tool that helps me to tap into your energy and find you the answers you are looking for.

As a Psychic Empath I have the ability to connect with your emotions and intentions through my own mind and body, even at long distances. I channel your energy and emotions while performing your reading, which means that every reading is completely unique and completely YOURS. I can also tap into the thoughts, intentions and emotions of people you are close to and get you the answers they cannot or will not give you.

I am also clairaudient and often get messages coming through as words or sounds that take the reading in unexpected directions. This can often reveal the thoughts and true intentions of someone who is confusing you or not being honest with you. I will also receive flashes of clairvoyant images, scenes or symbols that bring insight and clarity to your reading.

I believe in the power of dreams and the messages they carry from our own souls and beyond. Like many of the ladies in my family I am a dream traveler, receiving messages from the other side and communing with guiding spirits (usually family members who have passed) through my dreams. I can also connect to your spirit guardians and family members who have passed but are keeping a watchful eye on you.

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