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LovePsychicHealer **TRUTHFUL yet COMPASSIONATE**
I don't want to waste your TIME/MONEY. Will check that connection is good, not all are made equal. Allow me and my guides to help w/ your difficult situations. We have answers! We can guide you towards a happier future.
My Attributes
Love & Relationships
Breakups & Divorce
Family & Friends
Pets & Animals
Dream Exploration
About Me
I learned at a young age that I was different. I can feel the love, joy, grief & everything in between with those I connect with. My guides and I have an understanding that I learned others can't utilize as well and have been using my gifts to help
My Approach To Topics
NOTE: When delivering bad news I try to be as gentle as possible while still getting messages across. My goal, even in hard times, is to leave you feeling better than before we started to chat.

Using my gift and my guides, I will bring light onto
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