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World Renowned! I am an intuitive who just knows. I see things very clearly and receive visions from spirit. I also am shown events, via my dreams, which later, have come to fruition. God is my light.
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I began this journey more than 10 years ago. I was called upon to work from a place of love and light when my best friend passed away suddenly of an unexpected health issue. Three years after his death, I met my soulmate and best friend. Many things in my very own life changed and opened my eyes to spirituality and God himself. All were moments of devastation and blessings mixed together. I had to experience all of this, in order for me to embrace my gift of knowing. I am aware of the vast number of people who deal with terrible addictions, tragic events, abuse, anxiety, depression, loneliness, work tribulations, family strife and even the stresses of daily life on a day to day basis. With all this in mind, I am here to help all individuals no matter where they feel lost. I love to help others. I am a genuine person who likes to connect to you and provide you with the very best clarity to your situation. I am honest and truthful and when connecting, I ask for the same from you so I am able to help you to the fullest of my abilities.
Approach to Topics
I am here to help you with the clarity that you seek. I will not sugarcoat or lead you to believe in something especially if I do not see it myself. I will always approach any situation with love and kindness. I know what it is like to experience hardships, on many levels and I have compassion for all circumstances you maybe facing, to include the matters of the heart. Let me be your guiding light and please understand that my work is based around my belief in God, the Angels and the Universe.
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