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Love Oracle Celeste
Love Oracle Celeste
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Don't wait for things to get too tough before getting the clarity needed for your difficult issue. Call me now and let me provide the insight and answers you need with non-judgemental courtesy, ease, and grace.
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Women’s Issues
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I am a solitary eclectic witch and a witch by birth.
It is a blessing to provide you with the insight to make wiser decisions. Be it a relationship, career, finances or other life experiences, you will find the clarity I provide invaluable. As an Oracle, I am graced with gifts from my great-grandfather who was a South Carolina healer. I divine by allowing my higher self to guide me and draw a deep connection with the Universe to give you the information you need in a clear, non-filtered, detailed manner. I am highly intuitive and the service I offer is more than a reading, I use this gift along with tarot cards, oracle cards, and pendulum to focus and align with your vibration. I also offer powerfully constructed affirmations, rituals, and charms.

I have helped women move on from relationships that were not for their highest good or progressing. I have helped several people make positive career and financial choices. I have helped business evaluate the gifts of their employees and how they could best serve the company with those gifts. I have advised others of negativity in their futures and they were able to avoid a bad situation or nip it in the bud.

I can help you.

Nothing in tarot is pre-ordained. We have the power of free will and can change our path through responsible choices.

I invite you to call me and I look forward to speaking to you soon.
Approach to Topics
Love and relationship issues are my specialty. I will give you answers and insight into your problem that will provide you with information, clarity and give you the confidence to make an empowered next move. You will be in a more informed place and that place is always a place of power.
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