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Miranda Tempest
Miranda Tempest
Don't remember who you were, keep growing!
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Life is about the decisions we make that bring us to tomorrow. You are special, you are important, and you are already where you need to be. Let's make it the best place possible!
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If you enjoyed your reading, please rate with a comment. If you're uncertain, I ask you to wait and see if the prediction comes through before assuming I am inaccurate. I rarely am. Please note I have many more ratings unseen because of the way the rating system works. I have been working keen for 18 years. Those who rate low are deciding before any prediction has been revealed, or due to comparing me with other readers and how they conduct their readings. Since everyone is different, we have different styles. I may say the opposite of others, but this does not mean I am wrong. Ty~ Sometimes it is a simple answer. When you call a psychic, try not to anticipate what they will say. If they give an answer that sounds like common sense, you may feel this indicates the psychic has no abilities. It does not. It probably means it is that simple, and you knew it all along.
Approach to Topics
I use my psychic and empathic ability combined with the Tarot to bring the best advice offered by the guides that I can. I have been giving readings for 30 years on and off the internet. I can only give you what the guides offer, because no one should know too much information that they no longer need to make decisions on their own, or that may interfere with the natural flow of lessons intended for our spiritual growth.
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