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Mystic Dream 1984

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Is there deeper meaning to what you are dreaming?
Born with a psychic gift and 35+ years to develop the said gift, I assist in breaking down the true meaning behind the things we dream. Is there more to a dream or is it just something simple? Allow me to assist you!
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About Me
About Me
I am a 5th generation psychic. Raised outside of my gifted family line I have developed all of my skills through trial and error. My goal is to help others and assist them with their lives in the best way possible.
I communicate with the Source on a
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
First and foremost, I will tell you what the energies are showing me.
I will not tell you what you hope to hear. I will not lie.
Please let me know at the beginning of your reading if you want me to focus on something or someone specific. I may have
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