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Nlightened One
Nlightened One
Clairvoyant Who Assists With Dream Interpretation
10 minutes for $1.99
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Dreams can give you answers to what troubles you in your waking life. They can also hold signs of warnings and avoidance. If you don't understand your dreams, let me help you interpret them. I do not read for other advisors.
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Do not make contact for the sole purpose of leaving bad reviews.

Born Clairvoyant who has been conducting online sessions for 15 years. I have an pretty good accuracy rate with clients who take their sessions seriously. I have been conducting sessions in total for 32 years. I embraced my gift early in my youth. Back to giving sessions on Keen after an long hiatus from the site. Decided to give the platform another try, and to offer my service to those who may be in need.

I ask that you not be deterred by negative feedback. It comes with the territory and not everyone is going to be happy with the sessions. It's pretty normal actually.
Approach to Topics
I am an sincere but no nonsense kind of Clairvoyant. I am not here to fill your head with fantasy and lies. I am here to tell you what I see. I am not an one size fits all kind of Clairvoyant. I am compassionate and understanding. I am responsive to your energy. This is why it is very important that your energy be clear of negative emotions and personality. It is important that you are relaxed and positive.

If you are in doubtful spirit and/or jaded from previous experiences I am going to ask you not to contact me, for I find that kind of energy extremely stifling and blocking. I am sure you understand. Thank you in advance.
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