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NMier LaVeau HPs

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13 readings since 2018
Your dreams are the pathway to your fullest life!
Honest, intuitive, patient and compassionate. I utilize comprehensive counseling through the patterns and messages of your dream life to clear your path to your highest and best self. LGBTQI+, Poly, etc, Safe Space guarantee!
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Love & Relationships
Money & Prosperity
Destiny & Life Path
Spirit Guides
LGBTQ Issues
Dream Exploration
Dream Interpretation
Otherworld Connections
About Me
About Me
My name is N'Mier. I am a healer, an empath, a massage therapist and spiritual advisor. I have a bachelors in ministry and spiritual advisement. I am also the director of a prominent Spiritual Psychics Association. I primarily utilize tarot and my
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
We live a whole life in our dreams, and often our loved ones and spirit guides use that space to connect with us! Let us deep dive into your subconscious and open the mysteries of your soul so that you can get the answers and guidance needed to
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