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Power Readings by Aire
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Don't suffer through anxiety and uncertainty. I possess outstanding skills in clairvoyance, tarot, remote viewing, and dream interpretation to reveal the bigger picture for *any* situation.
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I have been intuitive/empath since childhood. I always had an uncanny ability to foresee the future through dreams and meditation. I embraced the Wiccan faith ten years ago where I began my fine-tuning my psychic gifts with tarot and remote viewing. Meditation and manifestation are very important to me because I believe there are positive outcomes in every situation.

Approach to Topics
I have expert skills in general readings. I don't ask the client questions; I only ask my Spirit Guide. I use my intuitive and empath skills to feel the energies of individuals and situations. Using these skills with my tarot cards, I look into future events and outcomes in your life: love and relationships, career and money.

You are welcome to ask questions or provide a narrative background if it's important to tell me your story. My empath skills help me see a remote picture of the situation and future events become more clear. The more I hear the client's voice, the stronger the reading.

What to Know About Me

I am a Wiccan, (or witch). I believe in the credo, “harm none”. I will not use my readings to harm another person or help someone hurt another person. My services are best suited for clients who want long-term insight on their journey in life: love, career, family, and money.

For relationship readings, my skills are not best suited for clients who want "blackjack" readings on a love interest, i.e. "When will my ex call me again?" If you want to gain insight into the bigger picture in your relationship and love life, then I'm your psychic!

I believe in using tarot for empowerment and the greatest good. We have a “shadow side” where our personalities and energies are toxic; these energies can change. A tarot reading can reveal what negative energies or people are affecting you.

My psychic insight comes through, not from within. I have no control over the information I receive and relay to you. I will always strive to give you clarity and truth.

The Laws of the Universe guide my readings: what we give is what we get.

1. We are all One.
2. We can change the energy of any circumstance when we change our vibration.
3. All things and beings correspond to each other;
4. Like attracts like: love attracts love.
5. Vision and Action must align to manifest.
6. Change begins with you: change your energy then you can change your life.
7. What goes around, comes around, including you.
8. Be the person you want to love.
9. Everything is subjective.
10. We all have a Shadow Side and Light Side that respond to our energies.
11. Life exists in cycles: birth to death, maiden to crone, summer to winter.
12. Divine Partnerships govern all aspects of life on Earth.
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