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Psychic Intuitive Tarot and Angel Readings to give you honest insight and clarity to your questions. Schedule in listing. Yes, you can PING me! Let my 12 years of Professional experience help! Beware: No fairy tales.
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***Please note the schedule availability above is for the coming days for CHATS. This will be updated often and is subject to change, especially weekly.***

Please know that I am 'On Call' at all other hours. I will do my best to be available for you if I am able to; please email or ping me if you have an urgent need or would like to set up a time to chat. I typically am doing homeschool with my daughter between 9am-2pm during weekdays. I will likely be asleep between 12am-7am. However, please contact me just in case I am able to be on for you when you need me at any hour!


I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, and a Certified Assertiveness Coach. I have been doing Readings for 13 years; 12 years Professionally (as of July 1st, 2021). I have researched multiple Religions, Spirituality, and Belief systems. I have studied many different views and Beliefs and have incorporated many into my everyday life and into my Readings and methods for clients. I believe in the power of Prayer and that God is always leading us to what is best for us. Today I consider myself an Eclectic ChristoPagan.

I have always felt 'different' and led toward Spirituality. As a child I made a list of 'meanings' for playing cards and in the library of my Catholic school I would give 'Readings' to classmates. It wasn't until I was 16 that I purchased my first Tarot Deck (on March 1st, 2007). I took instantly to the knowledge presented before me and continue to gobble up everything I possibly can about divination. In December of 2007 my Clairaudience opened and introduced me to the Psychic Abilities I had.

In terms of being a Psychic Intuitive, I have several Psychic Abilities that I tap into during a Reading. My 'primary' Abilities are Clairaudience, Claircognizance, and Empathy. Clairaudience means I 'hear' messages/answers either through my physical hearing or through thoughts that come into my mind. Claircognizance means I just 'know' things without a source for HOW I know it. Empathy means I connect with people's emotions; this lets me feel what you are feeling, but also feel what others are feeling. Other, 'lesser' Abilities I have include Clairvoyance (ability to 'see' things through visions), Clairsentience (ability to 'feel' sensations that others may feel and ability to feel energy), Clairalience (ability to 'smell' things that may relate to the Reading), Clairgustance (ability to 'taste' things that may apply to the Reading), Remote Viewing (seeing remotely into a place/situation), and Mediumship (communicating with those who have crossed over). Any of these Abilities may be used during a Reading.

With me, you are in good hands with an experienced and qualified Professional Psychic Intuitive Tarot & Angel Reader with 13 years of experience, 12 years Professionally!

In my personal life, I am a homeschooling Mom to a cute little 5-year-old daughter! She is my pride and joy. One day while in my last month of pregnancy I decided to pull some Cards just for fun to see if I could predict the DAY I would give birth. I know trying to pin down an exact date is near-impossible, but I was doing it for fun. (And as a Reader I thought, 'Why not?') I laughed when the first Card I pulled that indicated birth (after 30+ Cards pulled) was actually 9 days AFTER my due date. It didn't hit me until after she was born, 9 days late: it was right!

When I'm not doing Readings for clients (or chasing my daughter around), I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music, knitting, and my favorite (guilty) past-time of playing video games. Once the pandemic settles, I look forward to traveling with my daughter while still continuing to provide guidance via Keen... taking YOU with me on my journeys near and far.
Approach to Topics
At the start of our chat you will receive a greeting from me! Please provide me with your first name and the first name of any others you are asking about. At that point I will shuffle and lay out either Tarot Cards and/or Angel Cards. I use these tools to add to my Psychic Abilities to give the Reading more depth, more meaning, and more accuracy! We will then look to see what the answer is to your question along with any guidance or information you need to know!

By using the Cards with my Intuition and Psychic Abilities, we are able to cover more ground with more information. I will never lie in a Reading; if I am not receiving a clear answer, or if there is something that looks like it could easily change, I will let you know. Nothing is set in stone and I believe in being very transparent with my clients. I am not here to sell you a story, but to tell you what I honestly see and don't see.

All of my Readings consist of using Cards to gather information in addition to my Psychic Intuitive Abilities. The Tarot Deck I use is the Gilded Tarot--I have had this Deck for 13 years! I also use the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards which I have had for almost as long. Tarot is a great tool to get straight to the point without any 'fluff'. The Angel Cards are great for providing gentle advice or guidance, or a message from the Angels!

A Note on Timeframes: There are times when timeframes are not available. When I do receive timeframes, I will pass them on to you. However, no timeframe can be 100% accurate. Due to your free will and the free will of others, timeframes can shift or change altogether. The most important part of your Reading should be understanding the answers to your questions, having a good understanding of your situation, and knowing what to do going forward. Seeing the big picture is what matters more than a timeframe that can shift. More complicated situations and complicated relationships often have very fluid (changing) timeframes typically due to the nature of those involved. For example, a relationship with someone that is very indecisive and back and forth can have timeframes that shift more than a solid, stable relationship. I will not lie to you with a timeframe or claim 100% something will happen during a timeframe; I believe in being honest with my clients.

At this time, I am only offering Chat Readings via the very private live chat feature. You can access chat from an app on a mobile device or a computer! Currently, I am not providing Phone Readings (I have a nosey 5-year-old). Email Readings are not available from me at this time, though I do anticipate this changing in the coming future. :) However, please do Email or Ping me if you have to get in contact with me!
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