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You don't need another psychic! Straight to the point with no tools. What is she/he feeling about me, what their thinking about, or where is this relationship going? Don't call for fairytales!7
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Spirit Guides
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Destiny/Life Path
Skills & Methods
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Dream Exploration
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Angel Readings
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My background is EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING through continuous practice and use of the tools of divination.
Positive self empowerment is contagious.
You will pick up the positive energy shift.
Feel free to contact me for a confidential, in depth Reading at your convenience.
*Recognize what you are telling yourself through the action of asking*
The Jewel heart philosophies are interspersed in the reading.

We are more than our physical bodies.
We are blessed with clairvoyance and innate psychic aptitude.
I read and pick up on energy.
I read and advise clients on any topic or concern with accuracy by tuning into subtle energies.
There is no way that clients are not responsible for their own outcomes.
I never have and never will claim to make any so called *PREDICTION*.
Please be as relaxed and neutral as possible.
Remember we are doing this Reading ~ TOGETHER.
There is no future set in stone!
Psychic dependency is discouraged.
My intention is to share my gift through empowering YOU.
Approach to Topics
Using my gifts, I can sense energies of those in and around your life. Once identified, I can help you make choices to clear any negativity. I can help you go down the right life/destiny path. Many clients feel a sense of peace from our call sessions as they are able to move forward with more self-knowledge. Other clients receive a sense of closure especially if we have connected to someone who has crossed-over. My guidance is honest and thoughtfully specific to you and your life's situation. Our call session(s) are designed by you and as such the outcome is whatever is needed to lead you towards a most positive, more joyful and fulfilling life which is full of a greater sense of inner peace. I am available when you are ready to hear what is given for you! When you are ready, I will help you find answers. Chat or call - either method will work however for deeper issues calling works best for me as I am able to get more information from your voice vibration.
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