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Tarot/Love relationships, Tarot Card Reader & Teacher for previous major psychic lines, Reiki Master, Spiritual Advisor and addiction counseling, Specialize in Grief/Death Counseling do to my in depth experience with life after death (read below for more on that). Happy to send healing Reiki energy after your reading if you request! I'M OFFERING A $30, 30 MINUTE, IN DEPTH EMAIL READING TO NEW CUSTOMERS who would like to try me out! Great for complex situations as it allows me all the time I need to focus on your situation and each person involved, you may also ask as many questions as you want (within this one reading in the 30 minute period). Email me if interested! xo

Hello, some information about me, my name is Gianna . HOW MY INTEREST STARTED IN ALL THINGS METAPHYSICAL: Losing my mother at a very young age caused me to be extremely interested in all things metaphysical as a young teen. This extreme curiosity lead me down a path of getting my hands on anything and everything that may help me connect to the other side. I purchased my first deck of tarot cards and immediately learned all that I could and practiced readings on myself and friends.. this is when I learned I can pick up on things, that I could occasionally get messages from loved ones and the more I read the more psychic I seemed to become! I even went on to manage/hire and train psychics for a major psychic network line on how to read the cards and give more meaningful readings to their clients. I really love doing this and I love helping people, love chit chatting and helping people work through issues and explore their best outcomes. I'm a true believer in manifestations and asking the universe for what you want. After my father's death a few years ago, I became even more inspired to make more solid contact with the other side which prompted me to discover, observe and teach myself how to do EVP (receiving messages from loved ones by way of voice recording) It is actually easy to do! I love teaching clients how to do this for themselves, the best "proof" and messages you can receive from the other side are ones you obtain YOURSELF! There is no better message from the other side than actually having a recorded message on your own phone from your loved one! Ask me how, I'll be happy to teach you. My amazing contact with the other side has made me even more open, comfortable and eager to counsel those in grief as I know how eager they are to speak of their loved ones that they miss, the questions they have about what life is like on the other side, how their loved ones are and their need to be comforted but find they are met with uncomfortable responses from well meaning loved ones when they try. (I want to assure you, your loved ones are very much alive, happy and waiting for that day to be reunited again! They want you to live your life happily and not be sad when you think of them though!). <3

*TAROT READING SPECIAL! I'm offering a 3 card in depth reading plus one follow up question by email for $30 any additional questions $10 each. This is perfect for anyone who wants a more in depth look at their situation without the rush of a per minute chat or call. It gives me time to study your unique situation and tune in even more. If interested please email me with any further questions or to request your reading.
Approach to Topics
I specialize in Love, Marriage, lost love and out of the ordinary issues (I’m easy to talk to and respect your privacy) I will combine my psychic intuition with a special way of reading the cards. (You May ask a question and I’ll lay out three cards for each question you have) I will use my years of experience combined with my abilities to to not just go by the meanings of each card but by the intuitive and psychic story the pictures on the cards tell me and any extra meanings I find in special card combinations along with my connection to you, the subject and any visual or mental messages I receive to give you the most thorough, comforting and enlightening reading.
I have over 20 years of tarot card/psychic experience. I am also a Reiki Master, teacher, distant healer and Spiritual adviser and experience in addiction counseling as well.
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