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Life can be challenging right now. Emotions and tensions run high and maybe you can not see a way forward. 10 minutes with me can give you a lot and I do give free minutes regularly. I am straight up with the truth.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Spirit Guides
Skills & Methods
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Chakra Cleansing
I have had the ability to see things, feel and hear things most of my life. I enjoy sharing my gift with others. I studied the tarot and numerology and this helps even more with the reading as it gives you a better idea of where you need to go or what you need to do to get the best out of your life. Life is too short to fear and to stay in a loveless marriage.
My own personal experiences I believe have made me a better reader as well because I can read with compassion and honesty to you. So you will know what may be caused by you creating a problem that you may not have even considered
Approach to Topics
I will first ask for your name and date of birth which I believe is the barcode to your soul. I also may ask you a few questions this is not to get anything out of you tis is so I know whether I am heading you in the right direction to get the best out of what is shown to me. There is nothing worse to have a reading and then wish you had asked something or told me something when I was getting off track. If I do get off track and it doesn't feel like the reading is for you. You just have to say..so yes sometimes I find it necessary to ask a few questions especially if the reason g is a busy one where there are a lot of factors to be considered.
For instance if there is a trio in a relationship and you are the wife of the trio and you ask me who does he think of the most... That I quite hard to determine if he is not thinking about either...or if he is with you at the time...or with her...Cos would mean I would have to rewind his thought to be able to count the times.
Be realistic in your questions... and if I ask you one please answer simply the most relative answer to the subject. I am not here to judge or tell you what to do what you get from me and do with it is entirely your choice.
My answers will be exactly what I see hear feel or read in your birth numbers and the tarot. Timing is something that can be difficult but I will give you a time if it shows
I always send free minutes with calls 5 minutes and more and very much appreciate you rate your call...If you are unhappy please tell me first and we can see if we can remedy through ping message which does not cost you.
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