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I have been interpreting dreams since I was a little girl, teaching people who come to me the meaning of numbers they see in their dreams, what scenarios and events mean in their dream state vs their awakened state.
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I don't believe I BECAME a psychic. I was BORN with these gifts. However, I did not tap into my full potential until I was an adult. The first time I was absolutely positive that my gifts weren't coincidences is when I had a dream at 16 of three deaths in my family; an uncle, an aunt and another female that I wasn't able to identify in the dream before I woke up. Two weeks after having that dream, my uncle George passed away. Two weeks after he passed, my aunt Tody passed away. Everyone in my family who knew about the dream was now looking at me wondering who the third person was. Months passed and after coming home from school, my mother called me to her bedroom and informed me her older sister, my aunt Ernestine, had been found dead in a home earlier that day. She was the female from my dream that I couldn't identify.
Here is where it gets interesting. While driving through a neighborhood, headed to the cemetery to bury my aunt, I got a strong sense of dejavu, as though I had been in that area before, though I knew I hadn't. And that's when the memory of the dream came back. The third death involved me walking home from the bus stop when I saw an ambulance fly past me. I remembered saying to myself, "Don't turn left," because that's where my mother's house was. The ambulance turned left and I remember running in that direction. But the neighborhood changed. In the dream, I stopped a girl and asked her what happened. She responded that she didn't know, but she heard that a woman was found dead in her house.
The neighborhood that changed in my dream when I began running was the neighborhood we were driving through to get to the cemetery. It is also the neighborhood where my aunt was found dead in the home.
Not all dreams are as literal as the one I mentioned above. However, there are hidden messages in our dreams that apply to what is happening during our awakened state. So for example, you may dream of missing a train. It's not as simple as missing the train. The deeper meaning is about opportunity. Missing the train was missing the opportunity. However, if you were running for the train and missed it, you are chasing after something in your awakened state that is simply not meant for you.
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I am not for the faint at heart. I am not here to tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear in the truth instead. I am direct, but gentle, empathetic and understanding. I am non-judgmental because we all fall short in life. I don't see callers as just clients. I see you all as apart of my unique spiritual family that I can guide and assist whenever the need arrives.
I use tarot cards, my gift of intuition, clairvoyance and my channeling gift as well. Doing a reading with me, whether it's to interpret your dreams or help sort out a confusing love situation, it's like talking to your best girlfriend that you can laugh and joke with while getting the clarity, confirmation and closure that you are looking for.
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