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Is He Your Divine Masculine or a Divine Nightmare?
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He has you thinking he’s hanging with his boys when he’s really playing with his new toy. She has you thinking you’re the only one... but is that really your son? Find out in a reading with Ms Vy!
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Skills & Methods
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When I was younger I would get premonitions in my dreams. Not understanding what it was, I mistook these visions as de'ja vu when they would come to pass. It wasn't until I had a clear and concise dream of three deaths that would take place in my family in the order of an uncle, an aunt and then a another female who I could not see specifically. Two weeks later, my uncle passed away. Not even a month after him, my aunt passed away, in the order just like from my dream. The third death would take place months later, and it would be another aunt.
It wasn't until I was an adult in my twenties a few years ago that I realized I was an empath and could feel and sense the emotions of those around me. As with my visions, I didn't understand what it was until I was in some one's house and was hit with a sea of emotions. I could sense as well as feel the sorrow, pain, and fear within that house. I could tell that terrible things had happen in that house and I immediately needed to get out of there because it was literally breaking my heart. The walls were indeed talking through that energy and those emotions.
Now, I have embraced these gifts and once I became receptive to them and stopped fighting who I was, they have become stronger. I work diligently every day to control the empathetic side of me because the weight of other people's emotions can be draining and even painful. I use tarot cards as an assist to confirm what I am already seeing and sensing.
I guarantee your reading is going to be fun, accurate and will most likely shock you as you may wonder how I know the things I know. But you will leave me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated while ready to embark on your new destiny.

-Ms Vy
Approach to Topics
I have a down to earth, conversational style. A psychic reading with me is intuitive and juicy as I expose the truth behind the matters of your heart. Are loved ones who have passed on at peace? Are they watching over you? Is he/she the one for you? Does he have a secret child? Is he/she cheating? Will your career take off prosperously? Ask Ms. Vy and let me answer your questions and help you ease the matters of your heart.
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