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Master Intuitive. DESIRES MANIFEST... Guiding light to your emotional, mental, spiritual & physical happiness...Answers, Straight forward, Nurturing. Master REIKI & EMAIL SPECIALS LIMITED TIME!
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Destiny/Life Path
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Women’s Issues
Skills & Methods
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I have been practicing and teaching Reiki for over 10 years and it has enhanced my gifts. As a child I nor my gifts were nurtured and I went through years as an empath and clairvoyant mistrusting my senses. My guides and angels did not give up on me and soon people came into my life to affirm my gifts, test and practice my gifts. My first true readings had already been happening naturally while giving in person or distance Reiki and soon I was requested to give readings for life and spiritual guidance and counseling. So though my gifts have been with me since a small child, I have been only consciously sharing them for the last 10 years. This is part of life's path for me and I wish to share it with you.
Approach to Topics
I tap into your energy and the energy of who, where and what you are thinking or feeling on as well as your own body and heart. My guides and yours share information for me to reflect back to you via clear hearing, clear feeling and clear seeing. My gifts allow me to accurately identify emotional and physical feelings, personalities and potential outcomes as well as direction in relation to your highest benefit. I have been a sensitive since early childhood and also provide Reiki energy work to assist in healing, life changes and passing over. My gifts allow me to assist you in clearing and balancing your Chakras and guide you through life's lessons in a supportive non-judgmental and kind loving way. I can only work in/ at the level of truth and wish to assist you along your life path. I only use cards and pendulum on my own questions or those very close to me as it is at times difficult to read ones self. I am extremely accurate when it comes to personality and feelings; however keep in mind free will plays a part. When we work together I prefer you do not share with me much information (though I am a willing listener) and note I will ask clarifying questions on information I receive from my guides and not most likely on what you do share with me. In this way I can provide you the highest vibration reflection from you and my angels and guides.
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