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Ready to Breathe Life into your Ideal Visions? Are You Willing to Accept Your Personal Power and Divine Right to Realize Your Dreams?
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My name is Nicolle and I have an abundant passion to share my gift as an Intuitive Spiritual Guide with you for your ultimate benefit. As a highly sensitive empath, I value creating a safe space for you to ask questions, heal and grow. I sincerely value your feelings and listen carefully to your concerns. I honor your spirit by being direct and I do not sugar coat messages that come through for you to receive. My unique gifts as an Intuitive and a Transformation Coach allow me to help you bridge your body, heart, and mind with your soul who knows you deserve love and success. Are you willing to be open to receive what you deserve?
I have been integrating my intuition, channeling and healing therapies such as Reiki energy work for decades. I have helped many people in private practice, in passing and am now here for you. Since a child I have been in awe of the world of emotions, thoughts and the physical body as well as in love with the energies that are everything. Unfortunately, I did not have someone to guide and mentor me growing up as a highly sensitive intuitive and that led me through painful, lonely and difficult times. I appreciate the guidance I received and receive from angels on earth, the mirroring of fellow humans and the universal spiritual life force energy that is Everything. Let there be balance in your life, love and abundance now.
Are you ready to let go of limiting beliefs and energies that may be blocking your path? You have the power to change your life and how people treat you. I am here to help you find love, your own clarity and connection.
Approach to Topics
The people I work with tell me the most beneficial way I serve them is via distance energy balancing work alongside intuitive reading and guidance. My strengths are in picking up on the energies of mental blocks and imbalances, emotional imbalances and relationships between you and another that is causing pain, stress or confusion.
I tend to work quickly. I continue my flow of speech as I am channeling. The information I share is accurate and non judgmental as it comes from a higher vibration through me.
Some of what I am guided by is very old and possibly generational or other. I do pick up on timelines however this is not my focus as it sincerely depends on free will. It also depends on how much resistance you are posing, which we can work on. This also depends on whoever else is involved, past or present, and their level of resistance. There are times that I only receive part of the information and in these times I will tell you there is more I am not being shown. This means that you need to live through it in order for it to be revealed. The longer you flee from it, suppress it or ignore it the more challenging it will grow. At that time it would be in your best interest to face what we discuss you may need to in order to receive your personal freedom from the patterns it creates in the cycle of your life.
I wish to give you guidance that re-empowers you over yourself and what happens in your life. I wish to honor your connection to your higher self. I will listen with an attentive ear and may be very direct when speaking with you. I focus on the positive or uplifting aspect of any situation and in the end leave the decisions to you. The more you believe that the universe has your back then there is more infinite possibilities in the relationships you have with others, yourself, your career and your life. It is truly a creative process. The intuitive readings I give are based in how you are transmitting your energy right now. Through your focus I can pick up on others as they are, in relationship to you, as you are right now.
The Clarity I am shown via my guides on your behalf is profound. My purpose is to guide you to healing and opening up to your more limitless possibilities if you choose to change the direction of your energy now.
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