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Through my Tarot readings I have helped clients understand what issues are blocking them from success, helped navigate the challenges in relationships, and to open themselves up to the amazing possibilities before them.
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Greetings! I would like to introduce myself to you. I am a Wiccan, and believe in the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. I believe in the Sacred connection that we have to all beings and to Gaia, our planet and that we all have Spirit guides and teachers that help and guide us throughout our lives. I have always felt a connection to the spiritual realm, even as a young girl. When I was in grade school, I would sit in my attic with my school friends and we would come together to explore the extraordinary world of what we would come to understand as the world "Beyond the veil." My Grandmother had psychic abilities and was far ahead of her time in her progressive beliefs. She was a great teacher to me, as a role model, and taught me to look beyond my five senses. I use my intuition whenever I do a card reading, and feel the pull of the cards immersing me in the guidance that they wish to impart. I very much look forward to using my gift with the cards to help you with whatever question you have.
Approach to Topics
I have been a Tarot Advisor for all of my adult life. The Tarot is a tool that helps connect us with our guides, our teachers and the Divine. I am here to help you with the aid of that connection. I believe the cards are a pathway for understanding patterns that we all create in our lives. My connection with you through the cards gives me the opportunity to see the patterns that are governing what is happening in your life, and then helping you to navigate through whatever questions/issues you have by using my intuition combined with the message of the cards. If there is something that is blocking you from achieving your goals, the cards can help you understand what the block is and how to remove it. My Tarot readings will give you a great deal of insight into the heart of the matter that you asking about. I have always found profound guidance and wisdom in the Tarot and want to share this guidance and wisdom with you. Bright Blessings!
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