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Angel Oracle Venus
Angel Oracle Venus
Magical Messages Unlock your Happiness
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Enjoy the soothing mystical healing energy with Your Guide to Tranquil Relaxation during the most challenging time known on our planet. The intended deceit about chakras has been detrimental to our psyche on a global scale.
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Venus is a full time professional Psychic Masseuse for 37 years.
She has studied and performed incredible breakthrough oracle readings that help you oversee your situation and what magical doors await you to shift gears into even more of not only what you want but anointing you with who you truly are.
Purifying your mind from any fog and falsities blocking your view of yourself.

I have been providing spiritual angelic readings professionally for over three decades. Relax and have some fun getting magically mystical with me.
These readings are instant and far reaching into your most fortunate future.
I am only here to activate your most magnificent existence.
Allow me to facilitate in helping you let go of what you don't want & continue to create what you truly desire.
Having inherited my gifts as a young child I have been a psychic visionary all my life, naturally.
In my early 20s I began the world of professional spiritual readings and sessions. I read on beaches, cafes, at markets, in homes wherever my intuition takes me.
I have been a healer for 30 years as a professional in the healing arts of massage. When I work on clients I can see what's going on and how I can help them unlock emotions and restore themselves with or without speaking out loud to them. My hands can read them. I see when I touch them.

As I astral project in session with you and we sit with the angels in translation of what they want you to know and to reaffirm what you already sense. I offer my readings online and over the phone, as well. Chat with me for initiating extra sparkling angelic juice to your day.
Book a call with me to saturate yourself in a positive new experience to elevate you every time.
Approach to Topics
Take a deep breath, get comfy and ask me your spiritual quest...

30 + years in professional healing psychic service
Global healing comes from a place of the here & now in unconditional love đź’ť

Call or Chat
with Venus for your relaxation vibration guided meditations.
Enjoy the calming mystical voice of Venus
This is a Spiritual Ascension journey
Trust the progression I tune in with inspirational card readings
Reconnect with your supernatural nature
Discover your true sense of self
Serene Majestic Existence

Receive Healing ENergy generating remotely during your session
Sleep deeply
Calm yourself
Boost your uplifting inspirational energy
Soothe your muscles
Strengthen your psyche
I tap into high light frequencies that are extremely potent that translate to you effective oracular messages. I learn so much myself from my readings for you. These solution oriented messages come from above and can be immediately applied to your life for tremendously satisfying effects. Magical Messages from your celestial friends, guides, Angels, fairies, mermaids & unicorns.

Come on in & allow me to your massage your mind with my soothing voice or chat with me for some uplifting angel love notes to center you on the seat of your strength, calm your nerves & adjust your frequency upwards!
Experience the benevolent beings, including mother earth,
Lighting you up with love, with healing light that beams you up!

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