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Angelic Wisdom for Real Life
Angelic Wisdom for Real Life
Saints, Psalms, Angels-- Clarity from Spirit
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Spiritual readings and divination with Saints, Angels, and Psalms. Let me help you gain clarity and find peace.
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Destiny/Life Path
Skills & Methods
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Angel Readings
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I know that we live in a meaningful universe with a loving God who gives us the ability to discern helpful messages and predictions from the Spirit Realm. It will be my pleasure and honor to help you.

I am aided in my work by communication with our holy saints and angels. Additionally, I may suggest particular holy Psalms for use as prayers and petitions.

All glory to God, and may my gift bring benefit to all who's paths I cross in this work.

Approach to Topics
I will connect with our Holy Helpers, the Holy saints and Angels, in order to transmit truthful information and solutions.

Your session with me will include some or all of the following:

--Divination through Angelic Tarot and other mystical talents.

--Determination of your Birth-angel. This will show how the
situation is uniquely affecting you personally. You will find out
what your soul desires in order to feel safe and whole.

--Determination of the Archangel who rules over the the specific
situation and area of life you are asking about.

--Discernment of Patron saints who are already waiting to help you
in your unique situation.

--Personalized advice from any saint who wants to step forward
during your session.

--Prescription of prayerful psalms and simple rituals that you can
recite at home. These will help you laser-focus your own prayers
and petitions, to Spirit.

--Spiritual messages from your own personal Guardian Angel.

No problem is too big or too small. All faiths and orientations welcome. There is no judgement here--only recognition of your unlimited value and worth as a human being, created and loved by God.

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