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Through hardship to the stars... Providing authentic connection, clarity and answers to everything practical and all things mystical.
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A life long Highly Sensitive Person and empath, supporter and explorer of all things esoteric. With over 8 years experience as a professional reader with certifications from Peer Support programs, Reiki trainings and Spiritualist colleges, sessions provided are meant to create clarity and guidance.
Approach to Topics
Sessions are kind, accurate, straightforward readings. Readings are a mixture of vibrational psychic downloads, channeling and mediumship. Tarot and Oracle Cards are used during readings paired with imformational downloads through all of the senses. If you would like to focus on a particular reading style, please let me know up front. I encourage you to meditate, journal or simply say aloud, the questions you are thinking about before any reading. The more engaged and open you are during our session the more information and insight I can provide for you. The first 3 minutes will be utilized to establish a secure vibrational connection with you.
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