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Astrology with Taryn Leigh
Astrology with Taryn Leigh
Intuitive Astrological Readings *Free Minutes*
10 minutes for $1.99
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Deeply intuitive Astrological Readings in order to gain insight, and steer your life in the direction you most desire! Marriage, relationship, children, career, and finances. I am here for you! *See below for free minutes*
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Aloha, and mahalo for checking out my profile! My intuitive nature began to develop as a young child, and has only gotten more potent over the past 40 years. I have been led to pursue education and certifications in many healing modalities including, but not limited to: Reiki, Life Coaching, and Astrological Sciences. I remain ever committed to making this world a better place through serving our worldwide community! XO ~ Taryn
Approach to Topics
Note: Brand new reader on Keen! *I will send every new caller free minutes as a courtesy since it will take a moment to enter birth information and draw up the chart* Once I have you in my system, you will be in my system for reference here on out! If you prefer, feel free to click the envelope above, and send me a message with "3 for free" as the subject heading, and I will send you 3 free minutes prior to your first call. This is a wonderful way to gauge our connection prior to being charged.
At the onset of our session, I will request specific information (*please have your TIME ready so that I can serve you to the best of my ability*) From there, I will inquire whether you prefer a broad reading of your chart, or if you would like me to hone in on specific details and areas of your life in which you would like more clarification with. I will then draw up a chart, or charts, specific to your needs. Do you have an important day coming up? Do you need to plan ahead accordingly? I can fast forward many months ahead and look at the influences of the day which may support you, and point out any potentially challenging influences in which you may want to be cognizant of, in addition to positive influences in which you can choose to focus upon and therefore, enhance. Remember, we are no means controlled by these influences! In fact, knowing what lies ahead allows us to be empowered as we take control of the wheel in life. All the answers in which you are seeking lie within your personal star map! Sessions with me are highly intuitive, and always honest, insightful, and deeply compassionate. You will walk away with more insight and understanding as to the specific celestial influences which orchestrate your life, and will be equipped with affirmations and tools in which you can use in order to navigate to the best of your ability. Session are generally validating, clarifying, and empowering with a practical approach. I am here to happily serve you! Specializing in birth charts, progressive, solar return (birth day), composite, synastry (relationship), and astrocartography (geographical influence) readings.
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