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There are no real bad choices. Only different paths we take from our choices. Still, these choices bring us where we need to be in life, to learn the lessons for the betterment of our lifetime, if we choose?
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I have known about my sense of intuition as a young child and never understood what it was until I became a teenager and became the go-to person for attentive listening, understanding, problem-solving, and enlightenment. And you too may have had a similar experience.

However, still, today, I am that same person, more educated through life experiences, academically, and as an Ordained Clergywoman, blessed with sharing my ministerial gifts both spiritually and professionally.

Today, I am a qualified mental health counselor, holding a BA in Psychology, Marriage Family Counseling Christian base. A Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology, which helps to understand mental health laws for children and adults in the court system with cognitive, intellectual, and behavioral disadvantages. And currently working toward a Ph.D. in Psychology of Counseling.

My specialties include, but not limited to a qualified mental health counselor, marriage, and family, couples, partners, singles counselor. I work with people dealing with their faith (in self and religion), depression, anxiety, panic attacks, grief, addictions (sex, drugs, and promiscuities). Also, sexuality, gender identification, behavioral and mental health for adults and children, and the willingness to serve anyone from any culture or religious faith.

All that I Am and Know are God-given Gifts through academics, life experiences, professionalisms, and my faith combines creating my gifts and willingness to serve as counsel, advisor, and your Secret-keeper without judgment: One who must keep all professional and religious confidentiality and privacy laws.

My Blessings lay in serving and helping others to find peace in their world, whether stressed, anxious, disappointed, or celebrating their Victories; I am here to help. My goal is to help teach others how to listen to their higher senses of intuition and get to know their inner spiritual self. Please, allow me to help you, help yourself, as you become Your Personal Best today-until!
Approach to Topics
Hello, my name is Alberta. Not Jesus! What is yours?

First, I am honored and humbled by my God-Given Gifts, life experiences, education, and that you are considering me to be a part of your personal life. I am an honest, trustworthy, and straightforward counselor by my very nature. My charge is helping others to find and stay on a productive life path. I must follow the same rules of my professional and Clergy responsibilities for their clients and parishioners.

Second: My life’s goal is to help all the Lord sends to me. I am here to help you move into a positive space. When you call, "PLEASE" allow
yourself to be open and relaxed. Be prepared to feel like you are speaking aloud to yourself or a super compassionate friend or family member. One who will not tell your business, beat you up or belittle you for your current situation, or trying to talk through your pains. Please, be honest, this allows us to recognize issues and help you to view and connect with your spiritual abilities and learn the difference between being emotionally or spiritually driven.

Personal Methodology of being Your Spiritual Advisor:

I take my professional and ministerial duties literally. I do NOT believe in being Over-Much-Righteousness, Rudeness, Judgmental, or Insensitive to Your emotional state, current circumstances, culture, or religion.

I do NOT play Guessing Games, Lie, Sugarcoat, or Believe in wasting money with GENERAL QUESTIONS!

I am an ADVISOR, NOT a GOD. I will only work with you as my EQUAL, a fellow Intuitive, of faith. So, if you just want to chat, that is fine, otherwise, let us work toward understanding your current condition, and how you can become Victorious over it.

I do NOT, under any circumstances, believe in undermining your spirituality, emotions, and your God-given gifts: So, please, when you call upon me, let it Not be a Challenging Match, or a belittlement of yourself, or another advisor. Especially, when some people use physical tools, which I do NOT.

I believe All Human-Beings are Intuitive and Fallible; if we are honest. Therefore, none of us are God-Gods, nor should we proclaim to be an All-Seeing and All-Knowing person. For nothing in life is 100%, except death and taxes: We all know things in-part. Proudful, as we grow through experience, we learn more and become more in-tuned with our inner-gifts, and I am willing to help.
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