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Frustrated with a life, relationship or career issue? For 40 years I have helped clients with their life concerns. My clients praise my abilities to help them with relationship, career and past life inquiries.
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Every since I was a young child I have had the ability to get premonitions and visions from my ancestors and spirit guides. When I was little I used to experience astro-projection. Meaning my consciousness would move like a drone from one location to another location that was miles away in a matter of seconds. While astro traveling my consciousness was able to observe what was happening in that location without actually physically being there. It was truly a mind-blowing experience as well as inspiring and illuminating. I also received many visions from departed members of my family. For over 40 years I have taken and given classes on everything metaphysical from balancing my chakras and auras to channeling and automatic writing to past lives and connecting to spirit guides and departed loved ones. I was told by my spirit guides, when I grew up I would be given a gift that would help others with their life journeys. Around the age of 25 I began seeing vibrant aura colors around people as I spoke to them. I started automatic writing when I visited a trance medium who explained to me I would soon become a medium as well. I was shocked and couldn't understand why Spirit would pick me to be a spiritual messenger. Sure enough one day after having a heart to heart conversation with a friend, I suddenly started speaking with a different voice and inflection. The spirit who spoke through me was the historically renowned Chief Seattle who spoke of preserving the earth's resources and treating others with respect. Every since then, it humbles me to offer spiritual advice as I have also received whenever I needed help. It makes my heart happy to bring my knowledge and insights to others while helping them broaden their perspectives thus enhancing their life experience.
Approach to Topics
Most people pursue readings to gain clarity regarding a specific concern. Getting a reading from me is like talking with a wise teacher. I receive images and hear messages from your spirit guides who respond to your questions. Although truthful and forthright, they never tell a person what to do and always communicate in a positive manner. They are respectful of your freedom of choice offering information that is easy to apply to your own wisdom and inner guidance. During the session I may call upon astrology or consult the Tarot to gain more information and clarity. I receive information on all matters of concern such as relationships, career, and past lives as well as making contact with departed loved ones.
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