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A Holistic Approach to Reiki, Crystals, & Aromatherapy.
Breakups/Divorce Career/Work Grief Infidelity Women’s Issues
Skills & Methods
Reiki Dream Exploration Aura Cleansing Empath Chakra Cleansing
Educational Background

Doctor of Metaphysical Science Msc.D.
Doctor of Metaphysical MC.D.
Doctor Of New Thought, D.D

Pastoral, Spiritual & Holistic Therapy, Counseling , Natural Arts, School, Life lessons, Career, Marriage, In-Fertility, guidance and counseling, Personal consulting, Personal work. Telling the difference on Personal and Professional. Level's of Intimacy due to loss and grief of your love one.
Approach to Topics
Msc.D, PhD, Dr "Holistic Practitioner" in Metaphysical Science, Psychology and Sociology,

Master/Teacher ; Reiki, Crystal healing, Reflexology, MayoFacial Release, Aroma therapy, Herbalist, Acupressure, Feng Shui and other

Breakups/Divorce, Career/Work Grief, Infidelity, Men & Women Issues, Skills and Methods of pain management and reduction using Astrology, Reiki, Crystal healing, Aroma Therapy, Herbs, oils & Incense

I also work on emotional, mental and physical stress factors, including if you are a OBE, NDE, or FLATLINE; Recovering from; major accidents and other symptoms of soul Recovery with or without Dream Exploration. Including using a journal along with exercises to help in recovery.

Due to Technology, including, Dnc's, Laprascopic, Surgies' MRI's> CAT'S and other Imagery TOOLS prior to displacement. After math-Displacement, Aura-Sheath Cleansing, Bio-Ryhthim, and Rythmic Cycles, including Day-Night Sleep routines.

I do offer Classes and workshops.
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