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REAL AND HONEST. See My Bio. 20 Yrs.Exp. Love, Work, or Finance. All Readings are Interactive for a Rewarding and Detailed experience. I've read for Thousands. U.S, Canada, And Europe. Active Clients Dating Back 9 Years!
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This is a new listing.But I am not new to Keen. I AM A LONG TERM ADVISOR, SO WHENEVER YOU FIND YOURSELF IN DOUBT ABOUT WORK, LOVE, FINANCIES, OR WHAT EVER THE CONCERN MIGHT BE, YOU HAVE A GO TO GUY FOR GUIDANCE.SEASONED, I HAVE PERFORMED WELL OVER FIFTEEN THOUSAND READINGS IN MY CAREER.(I DON'T DO QUICKIES, LIE. OR PLAY GAMES.) PLEASE UNDERSTAND I DON'T MAKE THE RULES. I AM AT THE MERCY OF SPIRIT. WE BEGIN WITH TAROT TO GAIN INFORMATION AND BUILD THE ENERGY.THIS IS NOT INSTANTANIOUS.THEN I CHANNEL THRU SPIRIT TO GET VERY SPECIFIC ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS. HOWEVER EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE IS VIBRATEING AND FLUID.SO NO OUTCOME IS ABSOLUTE.CIRCUMSTANSES CAN AND DO CHANGE. (SPIRIT HAS LITTLE TOLERANCE FOR BEING TESTED OR RUSHED.) THIS IS A GIFT FROM ANOTHER REALM, AND NOT TO BE DISRESPECTED! IF YOU ARE OPEN AND CANDID TO THE PROCESS WE CAN GAIN MUCH INSIGHT.777 can mean your not in this alone, you can lean on your guides to help guide you. Learn from your past but look more to your future! I have been reading professionally now for 18 years on Keen.I have performed well over fifteen thousand readings on Keen alone.I also did some work with Missing Children,but no more. I spend much time meditating and doing energy work.The Archangel my guide Elemiah fourth Seriphem of eight, is also my Guardian Angel. Elemiah (Leo) is an integral part of my readings.When I was 9 years old and playing ball, I realized I knew where the ball would go after the batter hit it. At fourteen I discovered I needed no help with an Ouigi board. I simply placed my hands on it by myself and it would move. Thru auto writing I learned of my Guides. Leo has since replaced the Ouigi Board.I am humbled that he is my Guardian Angel,and guide.
Everyone's reading is unique to them.Very often when I lean into a client or someone the client is asking about I feel their essence for lack of a better word for it. I sometimes feel what they feel when asking a specific question.I see outcomes as well. I deal with the paranormal I suppose daily. I communicate with spirits.Sometimes help the living and the so called dead inhabit the same house peacefully.I love helping my clients,with day to day choices.At this moment I want to acknowledge Elemiah and the Spiritual powers that help me in so many ways.Thank you for always being there .Please assist me in sending out Love, Light,and Healing energy to all that call.
Approach to Topics
Although I channel much of the reading, I read Tarot for detail, and to raise the energy. Job one is to give you the information just as I get it. Although I want to please you as a client,I must concentrate on the message or answer as Spirit relays it to me. But always for the higher good.Some clients call daily, some weekly, some monthly, and some just on occasion. I welcome one and all.It is not my job to judge in any way. I am here to serve you as a brother or sister, for in reality we are all connected and should treat each other with love kindness and respect.connection.
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