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Donna Pathfinder
Donna Pathfinder
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Let me help you connect with spirit to answer all your questions about life, love, and career. Together we can set you onto the path to a happier and more fulfilling life! Call me!
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I began communicating with spirits at the young age of 4. From then I have seen, heard, felt and received guidance and knowledge from my spirit guides, guardian angels and loved ones from the other side. My abilities are a gift that I feel are meant to make me a blessing to others. Since I was very young, I seemed to be the "go to girl" when anyone felt sad, depressed, had decisions to make, or needed advice. I would help them sort through the possibilities and find the choice that felt right in their heart. People would tell me about their dreams and ask me what I thought they meant. I was told I was a very old soul when I was only 9 years old. Those gifts became stronger and stronger the older I got. My premonitions about approaching good fortune, hard times, when illness was coming or death was nearby were very accurate for such a young person.

And speaking of illness and death.... I am not by any means a healthcare provider or therapist. I am not a medical doctor or psychologist. I cannot diagnosis disease, treat medical conditions or serious disorders. Please do not ask me medical advice. You are receiving spiritual insights from me on making the best choices for you. The ultimate decision maker is YOU! Do not ask me if you have a specific disorder or illness. Do not ask me when you or someone you care about will pass on. If the creator wanted us to know the date of our deaths, he would have installed a count down clock that we could see. That information is the divine's and he/she alone is privy to it.

Realize as well that life is fluid and constantly in motion. Outcomes are not carved in stone. You have choices and the ability to change the outcomes. Though I have numerous abilities, you are responsible for any interpretations and decisions you make. You are paying for my time and insight irrespective of any particular results. If you accept me as your advisor you understand that I am not a licensed physician, therapist, accountant or attorney. Choices you make are your choices and yours alone. You will not hold "Donna Pathfinder" responsible for any decisions, damages or any outcomes.
Approach to Topics
Through a connection with spirit, we can find answers to questions about love, life, your job, your future and how to resolve conflicts. I do this by using my abilities as a psychic, a medium, an empath, a medium and clairvoyant. I am an energist and light worker, a teacher and life coach.

My resources are 40+ years of helping others with their problems and concerns, their feelings and their decisions. My inspiration comes from my guides, my guardian angels and my loved ones who have crossed over. But I also work with YOUR guides, guardian angels and loved ones who want to see you living your life to your fullest potential.

I believe in telling you the honest and complete truth. I feel it should be up to you to decide what you do with the information I'm giving you. Sometimes what spirit wants you to know won't be pleasant or what you had hoped to hear. My guides and yours are giving me the messages to pass on to you. I don't gloss over information or sugar coat the truth. The messages I am telling you come from Divine Spirit, not me. I am told to convey to you by spirit what you NEED to hear to make the changes and adjustments in your life to be happier and stay on the path to a better future for you! My goal is to work together with you to find answers to your questions, concerns and guidance for your journey.

I believe in giving you the best of me. If I'm not "hitting on all cylinders" because of physical ailments, being tired, etc. I will not keep you on the line. We're all human and some days we just aren't running at 100%. If that proves to be the case, or I just don't feel a connection to guides or spirits to help you, we will end the call. My goal is to be a blessing to you, not take your money needlessly.

If needed, I will follow up with an email, especially if our call is ended abruptly. I want you to have the information you need to make decisions in your life, calm any fears or concerns you may have so you can continue on your journey and reach your goals. If you call me, we become partners. And partners should always work together to achieve the best possible outcome.

Let's talk! Call me! And I am also available via CHAT if talking on the phone is uncomfortable for you as well!

I would appreciate you leaving me feedback.
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