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Draven Grey
Draven Grey
The Journey through Your Inner-Self
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Synchronicity is becoming more abundant as part of the reality we are experiencing, which is bringing difficulties for those ill-equipped to handle the intensity of the spiritual growth it demands. I am here to help!
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I'm Draven! Thanks for stopping by! I’ve helped many people in finding their way towards love, happiness, and inner-peace and satisfaction. With a passion for connecting with others on a most human level, you will not find judgment here, and I strive to bring clarity and positive focus to achieve these desires in a feasible and coherent way. In April 2004, I started providing readings on Keen. I look forward to making your acquaintance and hope to establish a longstanding relationship with you, as we solve the struggles and celebrate the victories that come forward in your life.

I have been providing psychic and tarot readings professionally since 2000 and have forged strong relationships with customers from 6 continents and over 30 countries, including Portugal, Netherlands, U.K., New Zealand, Australia, India, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and 45/50 States in the U.S. I have an extensive branch of knowledge through my experience as a reader, my psychic and intuitive skills, as well as my studies of philosophy, sociology, and even chemistry and biology, not to mention the countless hours I have dedicated to learning astrology, tarot, numerology, and other forms of divination. I have spent the last several years developing my own Tarot and Astrology deck from the knowledge that I have gained over the years, and am currently authoring an astrology and Kabbalah based deck called "The Book of the After," with Australian Artist Crystalface.

Whether it is through the great mysteries of Greek, Egyptian, Indian, Tibetan, or even Zoroastrian influences that you are starting or continuing your journey, overcoming religious piety, or feeling helpless in the face of fate or destiny that demands a spiritual disposition, I have seen it all. Spirituality is a deeply personal matter, and one that I will handle with you with great fragility and care, but I will also strive to offer the answers you seek in an open and honest way. I believe in God, as the great power that rests in all things, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxies and star clusters in the Universe; from the veils of that which lie beyond, in the realm of the unseen to the inner-most parts of ourselves, where true spirituality can be found. It is the case, each and every time, that when we look deep within our own hearts, we can find the answers that we seek, which can create the truest of spiritual journeys.

I believe in the tenants of philosophy, that the search for truth is the truest path to wisdom, that "truth," facts, and reality can certainly be three different things within ourselves and without ourselves. I have long studied the philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and have explored the greater paths of transcendentalism from the Rosicrucian and French philosophies of Immanuel Kant. I believe that through philosophy, the answers of religion can be truly answered, and that all religions are striving to achieve the same goal, that none of them are above the other, and that the goal of each is to find, through deep studies of symbolism, numerology, astrology, and the greatest gift from the Egyptians, that they delivered to France, the Tarot as we know it today.

I am kind, and I strive to handle each situation that I am given with benevolence, and though I can fall short of the daily goals that I set for myself, I also understand that we are all human, and that so long as we continue to bring ourselves forward, to overcome the hurdles of each day the Universe gifts to us, our shortcomings are able to dissipate in the wind. I believe in the natural law of consciousness, that we are all different, yet by virtue of consciousness, one being experiencing life as seen through the lens of itself in every possible manifestation of itself at any given time.

I hope that my knowledge can help to shed light on what is to come for you, the path that you should take, and show you the light that you can provide to the world each and every day.
Approach to Topics
The first thing to understand when contacting me through this listing is that my main goal is to help you to gain a stronger perspective about your spirituality and to help YOU to understand YOU! If you have questions about career, home life, romance, or anything else for that matter, I am more than equipped to help you to understand what positions lie ahead, but if you are serious about gaining insight to your spirituality, an understanding for yourself, as a member of this vast Universe, being of the same shared light that was created as a gift by the Universe, will help with the deeper connections that you will be able to gain to find a comfortable level of acceptance in your spirituality. At the end of the day, your spirituality amounts to YOU, in everything you are and everything you will become.

Through this listing, it is my primary goal to assist you in reaching the deeper elements of yourself, which will help you to realize the nature of changes that may very well be required. Whether you’re Chakras aren’t balanced, whether you’re wanting ways to cleanse your Aura, or even if you don't possess a basic knowledge of what the Chakra and Aura are, opening your mind to new thoughts and ideas can help you to find a greater stance of balance. Even if you feel held back due to religion, a lack of faith, or a fear of death, I want to help you to overcome the greater struggles that you have been faced with, to show you the means for creating a better quality of life for yourself, and will enable stronger relationships in your life. Sometimes, guilt is felt at the behest of religion or cultural positions. Sometimes, it is a matter of us losing all hope or faith that there is something more to life; that something that is greater than ourselves doesn’t exist. Although my spiritual experiences are my own, I have been blessed to have experienced a deep understanding for the infinite nature of the Universe, relinquishing me altogether from a fear of death that I had for the first 23 years of my life. Although I don’t practice a denomination of religion, I am familiar with many of the world’s great religions, and in no way will your beliefs, nor will a questioning of your beliefs impede you from being able to have an impactful and meaningful reading with me.

Although this can tread into controversial territory, even more so than tarot readings, astrology, and other psychic positions, I never want to take away from that which you already believe, but rather, want to provide you with the means for building balance for yourself through making healthy life choices and opening your mind to the Universal currency that the Universe uses, love. In all things, acting out of love can create an understanding for the deeper, impacting energies that you are able to emanate in your daily life, that will help you to achieve the best version of YOU. Don't be ashamed or afraid to talk about what you believe, as this is something that will help you to sort out the more challenging positions that you may be facing.

Through my own spiritual journey, I have deeply contemplated the nature of existence, the existence of God, and what it means to be human. Your journey, however, is not my journey and my journey is not your journey. We all see and experience the Universe in different ways, which is part of what creates the uniqueness of who we are and who we will become. But even if you have no fear or worry about God, life after death, or the more existential themes of spirituality, but are struggling with lacking that complete feeling that some people are able to achieve, closely examining your Chakras and Aura will help to gain an understanding for how you will be able to achieve the improvements that you are seeking, and will offer guidance for the ways that you will be able to open the door towards experiencing a strengthened nature of spirituality that, for many, aren't even aware that it is waiting, dormant, within you.
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