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I am a prophetic dreamer, telepathic, empathetic, and clairvoyant. I also do pioneering work in past life restructuring which helps people to enact changes in their life by breaking through subconscious belief systems.
I was born with visionary gifts received and honed from many life times. My first prophetic dream that I can recall was at the age of 5 and has guided me throughout my life. I was shocked to discover at around 8 years old that not everyone is telepathic. Around that time I began to "play" with the gifts in order to understand them and use them. My greatest gift is to "see what is not there". I have since studied with many masters from Native American Shamans, Remote healers, Tarot Masters, and many more traveling around the world to master my gifts.
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It's great and fun to have wonderful dreams ~ But let me help you BE your dream. I am an empath, visionary, and prophetic dreamer. I use the tarot as a starting point and then take it from there depending on the uniqueness of the client and their needs. I am gifted to clearly connect the dots between the macro and the micro of life so as such I am best when working with people on a "where am I going" in my personal life's path basis versus the "when will they call" need. As important as that is at times, I just don't believe in conventional time so I'm probably not the best person for that sort of query.
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