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Someone Passed, Need Guidance, Let Me Help
10 minutes for $1.99
Need to connect with the Spiritual Realm? Missing a loved one that has passed? I can help through my spirit guides and my gifts. World renowned 5 star reader.
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Destiny/Life Path
General Readings
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Spirit Guides
Skills & Methods
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Otherworld Connections
I have been empathic all my life. I am also a Medium. I talk to dead people. I have what is called Clairknowing, which means I just know. I am also Clairaudient (I hear voices), Clairsentient (I smell scent), and Clairvoyant(I see things). My first experience being Clairvoyant was right after my Grandma had passed. I was going to miss a sport event I was suppose to be in because of her death. She showed up sitting on the end of my bed and told me to straighten up and she did not want me to miss my event. I didn't even know what to do with it then. Since that time I have learned a lot about my gifts and how to best use them to help other. I would love the chance to use my gifts to help you connect with loved ones that have passed on to the spirit realm, to help with your life's challenges, and help you to be on the best life path for you. I have also learned who my spirit guides are (Yes, I said guides and not guide because I have several guides), and how they connect with me to help me guide others.
Approach to Topics
To start your reading I need basic information like your name and the questions you have. My connection with the spiritual realm depends on if they are ready and want to connect with you.They control the information I get. I will give you any information they give me to confirm with you who they are. They do not always come through when you want them to. If for some reason I do not feel that anyone is coming through, I will let you know right away and not waste your money. I will not spend the whole time with confirming who is here. I will give you all the messages that they want you to have. Some of the information I get might be sensitive. I will be as delicate as I can in giving you what they want you to know. Sometimes the information I get is a warning and sometimes its a them telling you to move on. Sometimes it might be acknowledging a birthday, anniversary, wedding or birth. There is no rule on what kind of information they will give me.
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