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Feel the happy, healing vibe! Angelic guided PSYCHIC and MEDIUM, Consulting Hypnotist, Reiki III, Author and Photographer. I can connect you to a loved one who has crossed over. LOVE, LIFE, DREAM INTERPRETATION, PAST LIVES.
In one of my books, I recount the first time I connected with a non-earthly spirit, I was four years old. That encounter is my first memory. Since that meeting with my mother's spirit (she was an astral projector, as am I), I have only increased my psychic and mediumship gifts, as one often does for those who are truly connected to the ether.

From that time, many years ago, I have connected with hundreds of souls who have crossed over; souls who are trapped in comatose bodies; and souls who are in the process of crossing over.

PLEASE NOTE: I am a real person and a particularly sensitive one. As such, I cannot tolerate rude and disrespectful people. This Type of Energy. Literally. Burns. My. Soul.

As an astral projector who connects with the astral plane, this gift transcends time. Which means that I can often see someone's past lives.

I have the gifts of the four "C's," claircognizance/clear knowing, clairvoyance/clear seeing, clairaudience/clear hearing, and clairsentience/clear feeling. I am also an astral projector who connects with the astral plane, and this gift transcends time. Which means that I can often see someone's past lives.

Because of my connection with other's past lives, I became a hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists. It is one thing for me to see a life, but it can be a much richer experience for someone to journey to that lifetime, themselves. Hypnosis provides the key that frees us from this body, in this time, and makes it possible to journey backwards into time, to another life we've lived.

Dreams and nightmares are often the result of our souls, usually released from the constraints of our bodies during sleep, traveling to the astral plane. I have an interest and a talent with dream interpretation. For some people, this insight can be invaluable.

I am also a Reiki Practitioner III, as I use the power of healing energy in every reading I give, provided the client's "higher-self," welcomes that energy. I will complete Reiki Master training in April.

I have written five books and dozens of articles on many aspects in the paranormal realm for books and magazines published around the world. And, as a photographer and artist, my latest project I am currently completing is a Faerie Oracle deck. After this is completed, I will begin work on a documentary, about Appalachian Granny Women, titled, "There's Magick in those Mountains."

During the many years I have been active as a psychic and medium, I have co-founded two powerful groups of traveling psychics and mediums. These beautiful spirits, are my soul-sisters.

You can tell from my bio, that my passion for all things otherwordly runs deep through decades of my life. My mother, grandmother, and great grandmother were all powerfully talented Appalachian Granny Women, the "Mystics of the Mountains." My daughter is following a similar path.

I hope that I can provide you a beautiful reading today. Understand that no psychic or medium, no matter how good, will get it right all the time. I have a saying, "If I receive a message from my Angelic Guide, the message is on point. If I am receiving messages using my innate gifts, I can be "off" once in awhile." If a reader tells you they, with their own gifts, are 100% correct all of the time, they are being less than truthful.

What makes a reading with a psychic or medium who is led by an angelic guide different, is that the readings tend to give insights that help the sitter on their life's journey.

Whether you decide on a reading with me or not, I wish for you a life surrounded by love, acceptance, and peace.


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Aching for something more than "just a psychic reading"? An angelic spirit-guided reading is one in which you will often receive answers to questions you didn't even know to ask. The information given is at the center of the "why" things are happening in your life. Do not ask, unless you really want to know. Blessings!
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