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Infinate Guidance By Cynthia
Infinate Guidance By Cynthia
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Allow for me to help you release blockages, negativity and manifest your goals.
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***Please read entire profile before you contact me to see if we are a match***

This listing isn't for predictions. I offer spiritual guidance to help you ascend onto your own spiritual path. NOTE: This listing isn't for when a person will call you or when will you reunite with your ex. I do not predict timings of events as timing is fluid. I cannot give health or financial advice. I do not provide predictions of timings or events.

Are you looking for spiritual insight and clear guidance on how to heal or unblock your situation? My name is Cynthia. I've been reading for clients for over 20 years. My unique readings offers those who are open to understand how to manifest their desires, rather than become obsessive or impatient with obtaining their goals. Together we can help discover spiritual and personal development, recognize blockages, release fear, co-dependency, and the negativity causing delays on your outcome. It all starts within. The tarot is a tool to help guide you to help achieve your goal on how to overcome your blocked energies. It does not predict timing or place of occurrence, such as when a person will connect with you or how you and this person will meet. For many years I have went through extensive spiritual training and have learned from various healers on how to help guide others to follow their spiritual destiny. We all have the ability to transform ourselves; however it depends on YOUR FREE WILL. If you are open minded and wish to clear out your Karma to follow a true, spiritual healing journey, then I am the reader for you.

I offer the following types of support session readings for you to choose from:

*Chakra balancing - this will help determine which areas on your body that is causing the specific blockages/negativity in your life.

*Ascension/Spiritual Journey - understanding the messages from the universe and how to stay on the right path, learn how to create telepathic and energy healing.

*Understanding and merging from 3D - 5D - learning to shift from negative old patterns into the new life of healing, creating balance for mankind, solar energies, planetary updates, how to deal with non-awakened vs awakened people, following a true spiritual and healthy path.

*Clearing Karmic Debt from Family Lineage - how to cut and clear out karmic ancestor cycles that is currently affecting your blockages caused from childhood trauma and releasing old beliefs/traditions/expectations.

*Holistic/Wellness Guidance - I specialize in nutrition/holistic health coaching to help you follow a healthy, well - balanced meal during your spiritual journey and helping clearing out toxic energies from your body and understand how to truly connect with nature.

*Relationship Guidance - how to build and maintain healthy relationships, recognize narcissism and low vibrational energies. Learn to merge with your soul tribe.

*Career - how to get in your mission, helping guide others, creating your ladder to source, and how to merge mission with your spiritual journey.

Thank you and I look forward to helping you! If I am not available, please arrange a chat and I will get back with you as soon as I can, and we can arrange a time for us to chat.
Approach to Topics
***** I am now offering email readings*****

I offer 2 different types of email readings. Email readings are great to save as future reference to your question regarding your situation.

You have the option to select either a 3 card tarot reading for $15, or 10 card traditional in-depth reading for $25.

If you are interested in an email reading, please send an email: first names, question, and type of tarot message you would like (3 or 10 card spread). Each reading is for one question/topic only. I will reply with receipt of confirmation. When your reading is complete, I will reply again for you to pay-to-view your reading. All email readings ETA are 24-48 hours.

+++PLEASE READ+++ Lately there has been some clients that are harassing myself and other readers. If I feel there are negative behaviors such as compulsive obsessive or dangerous intentions, you will be automatically blocked.

****Please note there are chats that I have been receiving from some individuals who give me less than a minute to focus on their reading and do not give me enough time to give them a detailed reading. I cannot provide a detailed reading in less than a minute. Also please do not recharge one minute at a time as it breaks my concentration. This isn't fair to either one of us. Rushed readings are inconsistent and inaccurate.****

****I do not provide general readings. I prefer to read for those who are asking specific questions only. If you are looking for a general reading, please contact another reader. ****Please do not ask WHEN WILL A PERSON CALL YOU. I do not focus on timings OR clients that have obsessive or negative behaviors. If I can pick up a date or event, then I will let you know during the reading. Let the reading flow and allow for me to give you the messages and answers you need to know to help with your outcome to achieve your desire.****

To receive an accurate and clear and concise reading, make sure to chat with me without any distractions, relax, be open minded, allow for us to have enough time to connect, and take notes. Please be direct when asking questions. Vague questions will only result with vague answers.

My readings do not take in place of any financial, legal, medical or counseling advice. My readings are for entertaining and spiritual guiding purposes. You must be at least 18 years of age to request a reading from me.
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