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Insight with Teresa

2,022 readings since 2007
Spirit Guided. Open Minded.
Your advisor for renewal of faith and spirit. Clirvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant psychic abilities that guide me in your quest for a better undertanding.
Endorsed Strengths
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About Me
As a child empath I was able to sense the feelings of my loved ones, or others around me, but honestly never knew I had a “gift” as it is often called. In my early teens I began to explore other abilities, which encouraged me to pursue a path of
My Approach To Topics
simply connect the energies of the querent to the person of interest, then gradually go deeper into these energies to assess and reveal the dynamics of the situation.

Psychic Gifts:
Claircognizant / Precognition; the ability to see forward to