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Insight with Teresa
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Your advisor for renewal of faith and spirit. Clirvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant psychic abilities that guide me in your quest for a better undertanding.
As a child empath I was able to sense the feelings of my loved ones, or others around me, but honestly never knew I had a “gift” as it is often called. In my early teens I began to explore other abilities, which encouraged me to pursue a path of human care and healing.

At the age of nineteen I was in a motorcycle accident that resulted in the driver and I hitting a tree, then spinning off the road, over a cliff and landing 40 feet below in a canyon. I experienced the classic scenario of a near death experience, including being met by a spiritual being at “the end of the tunnel.” I never felt more warmth and acceptance than I did with that experience, but was told “it’s not your time yet.” I came back to my conscious reality unafraid by the entire incident.

I wanted to understand more about the unseen world around us. I allowed myself to let go of ego and invite spirituality into my life more deeply. I participated in many research studies about near death experiences and began developing an even stronger sense of spiritual presence, which I began to incorporate in a wellness spa I owned and operated. The healing that transpired within my clients was remarkable, especially when connecting them to their lost loved ones.

I became fascinated with the paranormal world and worked as a psychic medium for a paranormal investigative group, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I broke away from the group and began conducting my own investigations, visiting known haunts, but did so in a more non intrusive and sublime way. My senses were my only tools. I found spirit was more inclined to cooperate when I respected their space and didn’t pollute their “home” with noise, bright lights, beeping cameras and other devices. The most intriguing work I’ve done in psychic and paranormal research is what I like to refer to as reverse parapsychology, or para-archaeology studying cultures and historic sights, by placing myself in that era and experiencing life at that time. It is truly one of my most treasured gifts.

As time has moved along I’ve used my gifts to help family members and friends cope with sickness and death of loved ones, or to simply understand the complexities of current relationships.

Oddly enough my career path began in the culinary arts, which encouraged my interest in nutritional healing, then natural health and holistic medicine, then spiritual counsel, then consulting and research in all these areas, to where I am today. Sharing my skills and experiences with whomever needs them, or wants to learn about their own, without prejudices or judgement, which we so commonly receive from the non believers.
Approach to Topics
simply connect the energies of the querent to the person of interest, then gradually go deeper into these energies to assess and reveal the dynamics of the situation.

Psychic Gifts:
Claircognizant / Precognition; the ability to see forward to what’s coming.
Clairvoyance / Remote Viewer; the ability to see things, or events happening in the now.
Claircunguent; The ability to taste or smell scents and flavors relevant to the query subject.
Clairaudience; The ability to hear sounds that are relevant to the query subject.
Clairsentient; The ability to feel emotions, physical well-being, or climatic conditions.

Other metaphysical gifts and guides:
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