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Do You Desire Positive Change In Your Life? Need A Nonjudgmental Empathic Expert To Clarify What Confuses You? Want Over 40 Years Of Experience To Guide You? Me, My Cards And My Experience Are Ready To Help
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Let Over 40 Years of intuitive Experience Illuminate All. Get A Fresh New Perspective On Life , LOVE and Anything Else That's Been Troubling You. I AM An Ordained Angelic Healing Practitioner RREIKI Master Specializing In Distant Energy Attuning For Both Humans And Animals And I Would Like To Assist You With All Of Your Spiritual And Metaphysical Needs.
I ONLY Work With POSITIVE Energy And I Don't Believe Charging You Up The Yang Is Very Positive So I Like To Keep My Rates As Low As Possible But I Still Do Need To Pay The Rent So Thank You, I Appreciate That You've Taken The Time To View My Listing.
I Usually Have A Soft Gentile Approach But BE WARNED! Sometimes I'll Throw It Down On Ya Like An Old School Momma If Your Energy Draws Me In That Direction LOL. Hey, Even The Bible Has A Little Somethin' Somethin Called The Wrath Of GOD! Know This, If I Go That Way On You, It's All In LOVE, It's All In TRUTH And It's All Meant To Help You Overcome Whatever Blocks And Barriers That Are Keeping You From Achieving Your Goals And Dreams. Sometimes A Coach/Mentor Needs To Give A Good Push To Get The Energy To Shift And Start Flowing In A More Positive Direction, That's Just What It Is.
YES I AM a Tarot Card Reader But I Am So Much More Than A Card Flipper, I Continually Upgrade My Abilities To Better Serve You Because My Goal Is To Create A Better World By Helping You Become A Stronger More Confident Version Of Yourself. So Call Now And Make Sure You Bring A Pen And Paper Because I Will Share All The Information You Need And As Many Freebies As Possible In Order To Get Your Life Going In The Direction You Desire. You Are Not Alone Anymore When It Comes To Your Spiritual Growth And Development, Now I Am On Your Team And Together We Will Resolve Whatever Issues That Brought You Here Today.
Amen & Blessed Be!
I Am An Energy Attuning Specialist And I Cater To The Divine Energy Within Y O U.
Plain and Simple.
I Own My Own Spiritual Enlightenment Business, It Is An LLC, And Even Though I Can Not Directly Sell A Product To You That I Believe You Need, I Will Most Definitely Share The Recipe If Need Be.
Besides Being An Ordained, Angelic Healing Practitioner, REIKI Master, Hypno Therapist, Past Life Regressionist, Certified Aroma Therapist, Herbalist and the list goes on and on. I Even took a course on Building Sacred Relationships as well as one on Money Manifesting Because Even Though My Skills And Abilities Are Quite Natural And Have Been Passed Down From Generations I'm Constantly Upgrading My Abilities So I Cad Do More For You.
Approach to Topics
I Do Not Judge and I Do Not Believe Cards Tell You The Future, They Only Tell You The Most Likely Outcome Given The Currant Course. So If You Don't Like The Outcome Your Next Question Should Be HOW Do I Change That?
I Like To Work In YOUR Comfort Zone Because That Allows For A Better Reading. You Will Only Need To Tell Me What You Are Comfortable Sharing. I Read Energy and I Am Only The Translator So I Don't Feel The Need To Sugarcoat The Truth As It Is Given To Me By The Divine Source. I Know Sometimes What You Need To Here Is Vastly Different Than What You Expect To Hear. This Is Why I Approach Every Topic In A Well Grounded, Rational Manner, Because Allows The Energy To Flow More Freely.!
I Keep My Aura And Biosphere Clear Of Negativity Which Enables Me To Make A Quicker Connection To The Divine Source And My Answers Are Extremely Accurate As Well As Crystal Clear. My Cards Are Smudged Regularly And In-between Each Call Therefor No Negative Energy From The Previous Caller's Reading Muddles Up Your Message.
I Light Candles For My Clients Who Need A Little Extra, Because Lighting A Sacred Flame To Guide Our Thoughts, Prayers And Energies Helps Tremendously. Did You Know The Flicker Of A Candle Flame Stimulates The Part Of The Brain Once Known As "The Seat Of The Soul?" And Every Religion Since The Beginning Of Religions Has Lit Candles Before Prayer?
I Believe In The Physics FACTS Of Magickal Manifesting. Even Albert Einstein Said Everything Is Energy Just Match The Frequency Of The Reality You Want And You Can Not Help but Get That Reality And I Always Cross Reference Everything With "In The Bible" After All Jesus Himself Said "Whatever I Can Do You Can Do And MORE" So It Doesn't Matter Which Angle You Want To Look AT Things From The TRUTH Is YOU Have The POWER To Manifest Your Dreams And Desires. So If Your Needs Haven't Been Met, I Will Gladly Investigate What's Stopping The Flow Of Abundance Into Your Life And Love, And I Will Help You Fix It Immediately.
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