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Intuitive Juna
Intuitive Juna
Soul Expansion~Happiness
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I can tune in with your energy field and create a safe, positive space to answer any questions you have about your life. I can help guide your inner compass to clear old patterns that don't serve your life's purpose~
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I am one of many galactic Warrior Wonder Women! My most important message is to remind you of your inner Warrior Super Power!
I have been able to see all energy fields for a very long time. I know things on a quantum level and grasp the concept that there is no time and everything is happening simultaneously. Each decision that we make creates our own reality. I have not studied Quantum Physics in depth but I have a pretty good intuitive knowing of it. I have always had dreams into the next day telling me I was already there. Super cool! When I tune in with energy fields I can see different outcomes due to free will but can help you quantum jump into your most desired life path.  I can see things that aren't in my 3d space.  I know I have always had my guides, higher self and a galactic family communicating with me via telepathy.
I have unique gifts that can help you gain clarity in your life.  We all have powers to conquer negativity.  I can help you remember yours.  Let's create a timeline where you are happy, joyous and super aligned with your inner powers!
I have been studying herbs, Reiki, Law of Attraction, Theta Healing, and other energy techniques throughout the years. I am certified in Theta-Healing and Family Herbology.
I'm here to help clear old patterns from familial lineage, childhood or past lives. Literally reprogram old negative thought patterns. Maybe they had a purpose to deal with life and feel a sense of safety to protect against getting hurt before. I'm here to help clear those negative patterns that don't serve in this now and break down the walls so you can live your best life!

~Sending Peace and love from my heart to yours~
Approach to Topics
I always clear my energy field as well as my client's before a reading. I can tune in with your energy field quickly and receive information about your whole life going back to childhood and past lives. Including anyone you want me to tune in with. To get the fastest and clearest results requires trust and being open. It's best before a reading you have all your questions written down and you are in a nice quiet place with no distractions.
My main goal is to help you understand why there is a dysfunctional pattern or wall up and help you clear and release it. It is up to you to make positive changes and create what you want in your life. I am here to guide and awaken your super power! Help you bring joy, happiness, alignment, and ease into your life.

*If you get a reading from me and it helped you please give a kind review. *
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