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Strong relationship with angels. They have assisted me with readings for over 20 years. You will find me warm, caring and sincerely devoted to helping you through angelic communications.
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At the age of 2, I saw my first angel. These interactions progressed to conversations through my childhood. I understood, very early, that these beings were to be completely trusted. It was not until later in life that I came to realize the messages they were giving me were about my mission.

I have been on an intense spiritual journey for over 20 years when I had a profound spiritual awakening. This is the time when I understood that I was to use my spiritual gifts to help as many people as possible. The angels put a wonderful mentor in my path. I studied with her for two years, learning about metaphysical topics, developing my psychic skills to a higher level, and opening my chakras to be the most effective psychic/healer possible.

In the mid 90's I became a professional phone psychic on the top phone psychic service. Now I do in-person, phone and Skype readings for clients from all over the world.

I mentored with one of the top mediums in the world for mediumship and did many practice readings to ensure my skills as a medium were top notch. Though I do not offer mediumship in my readings here, when a deceased spirit comes through for you, I tell you. If they have messages for you, I pass them on to you.

I have a very calm manner and am able to help you through spiritual dilemmas, understand your own spiritual awakening, moves to the next level spiritually, as well as explaining unusual occurrences you may be experiencing.

My close relationship with Angelic Guides allows me to tune into your energy and assist you. I can help you with spiritual conflict, spiritual dilemmas, attacks by dark forces, and your own spiritual journey.

I am an intuitive/empath, as well as a clairvoyant,and a clairsentient.

My reading room is protected with a spiritual grid. Every day I begin by calling in the Archangels for protection, and doing Violet Flame Invocations for further protection. Then I surround myself in a golden light of Higher Power protection. As we begin your reading, I surround you in this same light. That way, only positive spirits and positive energies may enter.

In my readings, I feel things, see things, and sometimes hear things. Using all of these messages from my Angelic Guides, I assist you with the situations giving you concern.

You will only receive messages that you are ready to hear and that are helpful to you in some way.
Approach to Topics

You will find me to be kind, honest, direct, and compassionate. I tell you exactly what I see, hear, or come to know. You will only receive messages that you are ready to hear and are helpful to you. This may not be what you were hoping to hear, but it is what you need to know. And it will be the truth, which does, as they say "set you free."

We discuss your questions, challenges, relationships, business or spiritual journey. You will receive a blend of my psychic skill and communications from your Angelic guides. If you wish, you will be able to talk about unusual/amazing occurrences that you have experienced, and get insight on your dreams/visions/visitations, get clarification on anything that you are confused about, move past issues that are holding you back, discover your spiritual gifts, and learn how to best use your gifts in life. Angelic guides and archangels come in with messages for you during this type of reading. A spiritual awakening, or rapid forward movement on your spiritual path, can be overwhelming, making it difficult to concentrate or remember information. For this reason, I suggest you take notes, or record your session, to review later.

In an angelic reading, I listen to messages from your angelic guides and Archangels. They make their presence known to me by surrounding me in what I call "evidential goosebumps". The more powerful the angel, or Archangel, and/or the more important the message is for you, the stronger the energy grows around me. Some people have reported feeling that energy when it becomes very high. I tell you exactly what your angelic guides and Archangels names are, what their messages are for you, what they show me, or give me a knowing about. Some of the information will connect with you immediately. Other information will make sense later. For that reason, I suggest you take notes, or record your session, to review later.

I want you to understand that I do offer other services, in case your needs require something different:

In a psychic reading, I use Oracle cards to tune into your energy. I only need to know your first name. You will receive information about your past, current, future, relationships, business, challenges, and opportunities. Feel free to ask me specific questions, including yes/no questions. I tell you exactly what I see, hear, or come to know. The information is only for you. Most of it you will connect with immediately. Some will make sense later. I encourage you to take notes, or record your session, to review later.

Call me today and discover why people say my readings are so uplifting and life changing.
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