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Jasmine Scott
Jasmine Scott
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My background is working as an advocate of empowerment for people seeking guidance on spiritual enlightenment and answers to life situations which intercede with their walk toward self actualization. My specialty is with love and relationship questions and helping you determine if you have a future with the person you are currently dating. I have over 25 years reading professionally and have read by phone and in person for 25 years. I have a background in counseling, self-improvement, hypnosis and astrology.
Approach to Topics
Being an Intuitive empath & spiritual advisor , I believe in providing practical advice and tools you can use in your love relationship. My delivery is compassionate, direct and very clear. Your time is valuable and I won't fill you up with a fantasy scenario about your love life, I will tell you what your partner really thinks, and things they are looking for when choosing someone to partner up with for life. There are specific tests and yes game is used in love relationships. I will explain the game and the steps used and where it goes, I will also explain why some use the game opportunistically and how to spot it and avoid it. Intimacy is not the same for men as it is for women, and men do not think the same way as women or process the same emotionally. Most of us have never been taught the truth about love and dating from our parents, let alone out in the world.
You need the knowledge to be able to pick and maintain the right partner for your life, or even to spend time with.
There are also qualities that are more attractive than others and they are used in determining decisions. I believe it is more important to provide you with long term answers and solutions rather than when will they call, or do they love me. Love is a serious choice and who you choose is more important than anything. I don't like to see people hurt or misused and feel blessed to help, inform, counsel and raise your consciousness to know your true worth and choose accordingly. During a reading I will tell you what your partner needs and how to get commitment if this is what you are looking for. Sometimes just understanding the other's perspective will help change behaviors. If you are dealing with a Karmic, I will tell you if this is a positive relationship, or a toxic connection. Karmics can be positive or negative relationships. A reading is a a screening process for you, just like dating and gathering information about your journey with your poi.

You cannot find love, acceptance, approval, belonging and community in others, until you find it in yourself first.
We attract the same story we grew up with.
Look at your family...feel how you felt as a child & look at your choice of associates, they are a direct clone of what your family members were ⁜
For people on the journey toward elightenment,
Please forget every lie ever spoken over your life...
This is what "enlightenment" is, finding the truth.
Blessings over your life

I am not providing medical (pregnancy) Legal, investment or comparing readings with other advisors.
All readings are completely confidential.
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