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I am thankful for the ability to connect with the departed loved ones to help you with grieving, I can also contact the spirit guides to ask questions about relationships, past lives, anything you are interested in
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Deceased Loved Ones
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I have had this ability all my life.I have always had a very strong interest in everything psychic. I started seeing spirits when I was a child, but was ridiculed by my parents, so I stopped telling anyone that I can see spirits. My mother never believed what I was telling her and I grew up feeling that I was not normal. But, I guess, you can't fight with your true self forever. I am very grateful to be able to connect with people on the other side and consider it a precious gift that I need to cherish.
I am new to keen.com, but I have a great experience giving accurate readings. I am hoping to meet wonderful people here on keen.com who will become not only my customers, but my friends as well!

Approach to Topics
When we face problems in life it feels like we are alone. I am an empath and a medium. Using my gifts, I will help you to connect with your guides and your loved ones to get an advise and guidance from them. We can get through it together! I have been through a lot myself and I know how dark it can get sometimes. Well, you are not alone, I am here for you.
I am so thankful for the ability to connect with the departed loved ones to help you with grieving, help you to get the joy back into your life, help you to understand that physical death does not end the life of the soul. I am very compassionate and accurate. I can connect with the Spirit Guides to ask questions that you need to be answered (relationships, career, etc). I sincerely want to help you!
I can not choose who is going to show up for your reading, sometimes you are hoping to talk to your father, but grandmother shows up instead. I see images/clues that help me to describe your departed loved one, so you know that it is them I see. When I give you the information I receive, please say YES if you understand and NO if you do not recognize the information or clues that I get from the deceased person.

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