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Katrinas Spiritual Counseling
Katrinas Spiritual Counseling
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Katrina's Spiritual healing have guided many with Intuitive Guidance. able to Channel Through Spirit, Voice Vibrations, Crystal Ball Gazing Remote Viewing Timelines I answer all Questions Love, Life, Money Through God!
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Spirit Guides
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Born with a Veil with God gifted insights. Able to see your situation as a Child I saw Angels, and a Beautiful Gold Cross on the Moon. from that Point I knew My Calling would be a Channel for the Light. Ordained Pastor of 20 Year's. People call me for the Healing Prayers every day, Affirmations are given to heal your troubles. the Holy pages of the Book of Psalms to help your situation's. I tap into your energy I'll Tell you what changes Spirit directs you to do I am a Channel for the light Many Years of Experience giving Spiritual healing of your troubles with accurate details When the Spirit gives me messages and call's out the Names pf enemies of who should avoid or, socialize with and details of your life, that only you and the Holy Spirit would know regarding all People you are associated with will come up in your life changing spiritual reading. Chat/Call me now. Each day I will Pray with you and Many have told me that they felt a burden lifted once they're connected to their Spirit guides and Angels. Time to make that Change in your life
Approach to Topics
I use my Spiritual God Gifted, mediumship and psychic abilities of clairvoyance (seeing) and Clairaudience to connect with love ones, assess relationships, set new or maintain existing life directions Via Phone or Chat Let me help you with your life directions and guidance for all decisions you need to make. You will be amazed of Names that I will say to you that are people you know you'll leave the reading with a new State of well being that will help you clear your Mind of any negative thoughts and emotions that have harmed you, both physically and emotionally the Healing pages of the book of Psalms, and other Bible scripture I will use to solve any problems you're facing I am a Channel for the Light and use My Gift's very Well To Help and Heal you through the Power of the Most Hight God/Allah/ Yahweh/Yeshua I will, Tell you what is bothering you Names, dates, Past loved ones of yours that crossed over Their Spirit's will often come through to say Hello or, give you a message to you while, I am doing A Spiritual, Reading for you. I will reveal all in one amazing Chat or phone call. I have the blessed sacred Energy and the God given "Power and I use my Sacred Gift's of Vision, to tell you the Truth! I am a Channel for the Light and use My Gift's very Well To Help and Heal you. I wont sugar Coat things for you. if you desire that Please scroll on. But, if you want the Truth then Continue on with Katrina's Let's Change your Life for the Better I use All God Given Methods Clairvoyant, Tarot Cards, Astrology, Crystal Ball Readings Spirit guide, Voice Vibration Love & Relationships Dream Interpretation/Medium/Past Lives/Powerful Rituals to give you right now! to change your Life for a better outcome /Spiritual Guidance to help you for a life changing Experience. you've tried just about, everything else. now let's clear your path for you to go forward Call or Chat with me now! Love and the Holy Spirit be with you. Be blessed with the Holy Power of Yahweh.
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