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Kristin Lee
Kristin Lee
Direct connection to Spirit Realm & your best path
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I specialize in spiritual connection. I’m a healer, clairvoyant, intuitive, metaphysician, empathic seer & medium. I'm here to help you & guide you through life with my direct connection to spirit!
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I have over twenty-five years of experience guiding people as a psychic & medium to the spirit realm. My focus Is helping you develop your gifts and progress toward your best self.

I will provide you spiritual guidance about how you can manifest the best you! I want to show you how positive meditations and certain times of the day will help manifest your deepest desires.

Do you want to improve your psychic abilities or become a metaphysician? Do you need a spiritual mentor? I will help with identifying your past life, cut old past life habits, help you to receive your spirit guides/animals, and how to follow nature to be attuned with your highest level of balance you can attain.

I’m open to helping you with your career, love, money, and your overall life path; I can help you overcome loss, fear of transitions, love, what others may think of you and how to handle toxic situations. I'm here to help you change & accept self-love ignorer to be able to accept new love. I’m here to use my direct spiritual connection & abilities to help you built strong spiritual rapport & become the best soul you can be!

Kristin says "I’m here to help you remember what you were before you became what you are. I'm straightforward with a lot of love & I’m here to give you the spiritual keys to unlock your best self!"
Approach to Topics
I’m direct & straightforward with a lot of love. I use no tools. I am a spiritualist. I channel & physically walk into the spirit realm where I can receive honest and valuable messages for you. I work with my ancestors, archangels, saints, God, deities, and will find your ancestors so they can give you direct messaged about your most pressing questions.

I ask first names, full birthdates, and a topic that you need me to look at. I am very fast--being a spirtualist full-time allows me to channel quicker, detailed and accurate messages for you.
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