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Lady Jennith
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Angelic Mystic & Psychic Medium: "Lady Jennith is an amazing clear channel of divine guidance. I found her reading very empowering and uplifting. I can gladly recommend her to anybody!" - Anis from Norway
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I have been psychically gifted my entire life, however it was not until my early 30's that I began offering my services as a spiritual adviser. I am claircognizent, clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient; I have learned that everyone can communicate with Spirit and psychic gifts manifest uniquely and are not always as obvious as we think they are. Which means, messages from Spirit easily go missed!

That's where I come in; I serve as a messenger of Spirit to help illuminate your soul path, lessons, and healing. This often looks like helping folks open up to their own gifts and fine tune personal communication with Spirit. It also looks like helping folks see how a core wound from a past life has been repeated and recreated in this life as dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors. And it sometimes looks like helping folks to understand universal truths which exist within the illusion of Twin Flame Dogma. Twin flame is real but the dogma is restricting and it can make the experience downright confusing to navigate.

An intuitive guidance session looks different for everyone, based on what YOU need. Energetic activation and healing often begins to occur during a session as we connect. If you feel like more would benefit you, I also offer reiki healing sessions.

Feedback from some of my wonderful clients:

"What you want from a reading is Clarity. I have had many readers take a stab at my current life situation and I gotta say, Jennith did the best job of shedding light on the truth from a higher perspective, in a highly digestible way. I recommend her to anyone who wants truth from an Angel’s perspective." - Elise from NC, USA

"Had a reading with Jennith. She was spot on with my situation. Gave great advice. Was very generous with time. I felt much better after our reading. She gave lots of detail and was very honest. I highly recommend giving her a try! I will be back!" - Danielle from RI, USA

"My first reading with Jennith was so spot on that I became very emotional. Her interpretations were miraculously accurate. I am so grateful for her sharing her gift and so very happy I decided to explore her offerings! I would highly recommend her and will be returning for future readings. A trillion thank yous for your great love, Archeia Lady Faith!" - Jennifer from NY, USA

"I was blown away by how intuitive and helpful she was. The whole tone was very relaxed and down to earth. She was spot on, understanding, and had a gift for interpreting messages. She affirmed many things I had been thinking before the reading. I left this reading feeling more clarity and peace than I had in months. I didn't realize how healing my time with her was going to be." - Regan K. from OH, USA

"Everything she told me has been spot on! I was so impressed by Jennith I booked a reading party with her in my home. That was a fantastic experience. Everyone was very happy and impressed with their readings. Jennith is truly the real deal!" - Samantha W. from OH, USA

"Getting a reading from Jennith was an extraordinary experience. I was amazed at the energy I felt when talking with her. Everything was right on point with what I was going through. At the end of the session I was left with a sense of calm and tranquility. I highly recommend her, she is quite divine. - Chastity from OH, USA

"If you feel you need advice, a life coach, a nudge in the right direction, or simply want to know more about yourself and the people in your life, book a reading with Jennith. Her intuitive and interpersonal skills exceed those of the most experienced “psychic” and the most learned psychologist. Hands down the best, most informative, most entertaining, most personal reading I have ever had – HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" - Piper F. from OH, USA

"Jennith has such a calming and wonderful presence! I loved talking to her, everything she said resonated with me." - Helena, Norway
Approach to Topics
I offer intuitive guidance using my natural gifts of clairsentience, claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairaudience along with my preferred 'tools of the trade' which are angel tarot cards, fairy tarot cards, and my pendulum. I also draw from my 'spiritual tool box' which contains knowledge and wisdom gained over many years of personal spiritual experience, exploration, and expansion as well as observation and counseling of others.

I do not need these items to read and advise; as a client of mine once said, "I could hear her drawing cards as we talked but really, she could do the same with twigs or stars in the sky, which is apt because Jennith really is a star, a bright star of an old soul of that helps guide others home. She doesn’t need cards, or crystals or bones to interpret – it’s part of her."

But I prefer to use them as they make Spirit's messages easier to understand for the client.

I'm also an incarnated angel with an integrated Goddess aspect; so there's that. ♥
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