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I am here to help. It is what I love. 14 years on Keen and one of the Top Rated. Avail. Mon 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. 5-Star repeat callers know I'm scary accurate!! Clairblend Empath.
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I've been working with Tarot and divination for over 40 yrs. I'm a clair-blend, meaning one of my gifts is clairaudience as well as clairsentience and clairvoyance. I have a very strong ability to hear spirit. Therefore, I won't lie. I'll deliver any bad news as gently as I can, but I will not lie to you. If this is too difficult or too painful for you, please find another advisor. Thank you.

I have transformed many challenges into victories. Let me show you how to be a Manifestor too! I usually send free minutes as a token of appreciation. I chose this path because I truly am led to help people.

Besides helping people get rid of their anxieties and burning questions, I run a prayer group, do energy healing work and on occasion I have done, and still do, spiritual cleansings. Please be open to what your higher power wants you to know. If you would like me to send a prayer to your situation after our call just say the word. I'm more than happy to do so! Reiki energy isn't allowed to be sent for free unless emergency conditions. I have a payment button for that. Please check out all my payment-mail buttons. They may save you time and money!
Approach to Topics
"Lary is cheerful and unbiased. She immediately puts you at ease and often has tuned into one of your answers before you've even been introduced!"

General questions such as "What''s going on with him?" end up adding time to your session as we sort through the haystack of information that comes in just to find the needle that you really want to know about. Please ask what you really wish to know.

I operate ethically, so I don't waste your time sorting out what your question may be, just ask it straight up. I'm here to help. I'm completely non-judgmental.

When the cards indicate a problem or obstacle, they invariably also provide one or more possible solutions.

This photo to the left depicts a typical "multidimensional" reading when there is more than 3 minutes on the clock. It can answer more than 1 question in the same category (family or love or career, etc.) plus an analysis. Your own energies come in via your guides.*

"You will feel Lary's support. Even when news is not so good she makes you feel uplifted somehow throughout the reading. If time cuts out during her sentence she'll ping the rest of what she was saying to you." "She goes the extra mile to serve you. Lary will not lie to make you like her."

Lary operates only from the highest standards. She is compassionate, caring, and easy to talk with." Verified KEEN client.

I often sends free minutes to those who go take the time to rate and write. I do not however do free readings, read on medical, legal or paternity, as stated in Keen's policy.

I will send prayer to your situation after the call if you ask. Please ask what it is you really want to know. If you really want to know if the two of you will be together someday ask that instead of asking what will be the outcome for you two. One is based on a concrete question and the other is based on a general "what's this year like for us going to be" type of question.

I try to save you money with these tips.
I specialize in Love and Relationship questions such as:
*Is he/she faithful to me?
*Will he/she come back?
*How can I get over him or her?
*Will/she come back to me?
*How can I get him or her back? Is this possible?
*Will I find new love again?
*Will he or she cheat again?

I also love to help you plan ahead. Are you wondering what the best way is for you to start your business? Or when to go on vacation? My cards are excellent with advice of any kind.

"Timing is fluid in readings. Please do not rate me on exact timing. I give time general time frames. You may write me after your reading for tips on speeding up time-frames, prayer work or Reiki work on you, gratis, free of charge.

Please do not ask for free minutes. I send free minutes to regular callers and I have a system on how I do that.

I will end the call if you argue, constantly interrupt, do not understand English, or are in any way abusive; I will end a call if I feel you are playing test the psychic. I need to be in the right head space to read, so I will not allow myself to become frustrated by anyone who is not truly seeking my helpful advice." Lary

*Readings can Change because there is a widely known fact that Nothing is written in stone. Everyone has what is called Free-Will where our thoughts/actions can and do alter things if we OR another choose. That is why it is good to get updates to see where you need to improve, backtrack or fast-track. If your Will or another's changes your reading, you can't shoot the psychic for that. It's natural and normal. This happens mostly when multiple peoples' Wills are involved, or when your reading is beyond six months into the future.

Blessings to you in Love and Light,

Endorsed Strengths
  • Accurate · 6
  • Detailed · 6
  • Helpful · 6
  • Honest · 6
  • Kind · 6
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