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Larys TarotTruth
Larys TarotTruth
SPOT-ON, Spark of Light has an amazing ability!!
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14 yrs as Keen's Tarot Specialist, call Spark of Light, aka Lary, today for love and life answers in general or in specifics. Trusted, Compassionate, Empath, Clair-blend. Free min. for some calls see below. Noon--5 or 6 pm.
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"A danger foreseen is half avoided." I've been working with Tarot and divination for over 40 yrs. I'm a clair-blend, which is a combo of clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance. I have a very strong ability to hear spirit, I also connect with Angels to assist you, and I can clear your environments with the pendulum.

I'm also a 4th Degree Reiki Master healer and Empath. My own life experience has proved to me that by clearing the energies in us and our space we can entirely bring our desires into being.
Approach to Topics
Before we even connect, I tune into your aura and begin to work on connecting to your energies, as well as any blocks that are in your way. This $AVE$ you a bit of time in your read with me.

"Lary is cheerful and unbiased. She immediately puts you at ease and often has tuned into one of your answers before you've even been introduced!"

Save even more time by having clear questions ready. I also recommend that you take notes.

General questions such as "What''s going on with him?" end up adding time to your session as we sort through the haystack of information that comes in just to find the needle that you really want to know about.

It is always best for you to cut to the chase with your question. Do not be afraid to be blunt and ask what you really wish to know. We then get straight answers and more often comes in that you didn't ask about too.

I operate ethically because I'm here to help. I'm completely non-judgmental.

*When* the cards indicate a problem or obstacle, they invariably also provide one or more possible solutions. I offer these to you and I do not hold back this vital info. Nobody likes bad news but it's infinitely better to know it up front and how best to deal with it, than to be side-swiped later when a reader could have informed you ahead of time. (Note, when many other minds are involved in split second decisions for your future, several bosses for example, the cards may not always indicate a problem until it's very near at hand. Yes, this is the obvious but not everyone can see that. :))

KEEN DOES NOT ALLOW medical (pregnancy), legal or investment/gaming readings. All readings are completely confidential. All predictions and timetables are based on most probable timeline of multidimensional factors.

Your Feedback Is Deeply Appreciated

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40 min = 5 free min.
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