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A Truly Gifted, Authentic & Experienced Spiritual/Psychic Intuitive & Reiki Master. Fast, Accurate & Honest! Find out not only answers, but solutions. Be Empowered and know what to expect.
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Destiny/Life Path
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LGBTQ Issues
Skills & Methods
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Angel Readings
I have been walking with spirit since childhood, exhibiting intuitive abilities and communicating with angels. I am an Empath, a Psychic & Spiritual Intuitive, a Reiki Master/Teacher, an Ascension and Planetary Healer. My empathic gifts include, clairaudience (the ability to hear spirit), claircognizance (to know without previous experience or knowledge) and clairsentience (to sense auras and the energies of others alive or in spirit). I do use cards to assist in discernment and to receive confirmations.

For the past 15 years, I has done thousands of professional readings & healings over the phone and in person for clients worldwide.

I specialize in working with your angels and divine teams, bringing in messages and providing guidance to help answer your questions. All messages and guidance are divinely sourced, giving you the opportunity to progress with clarity and confidence as you move forward through any changes or life's challenges.

I do give time frames, but I do not guarantee them as free will and energy can shift them.
All readings are based on the current energy surrounding you and a particular situation. As events change, often energy and thoughts will shift into new awareness and alignments - creating new potentials. With more information, a broader perspective and greater insights; you can make educated decisions to create your own outcomes through personal empowerment.

* If I am unavailable, please Arrange A Call.
Approach to Topics
I am a Psychic Spiritual Intuitive, a Healer & a Guide. I work directly with your divine teams to bring fourth messages, guidance and insights in all areas of your life. I am here to empower you on all levels to bring truth, happiness & balance into your life.
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