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Lotus Grace
Lotus Grace
Devotional Intuition and Healing Grace
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As a devotional intuitive empathic healer, I gently nurture spiritual insight, peace of heart, and embodiment of inner trust with God-given imagery, messages, movement, and energy. Guided healing is my specialty.
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God's mystical grace has been surrounding and filling my senses with acute empathic sensitivity to subtle energies and angelic beings since the start of life. Through devotion, prayer, and dance, these gifts have blossomed to the forefront of my heart. The inner fruit of 30+ years of training, immersion, and teaching experience in all of the above has interwoven with God-given ability to channel the comforting energy and guidance of divine healing grace. The result is an expression of service in a unique variety of intuitive ways. I have been cultivating and offering these services online and at my spiritual healing arts and dance sanctuary since 2004.

Through the same conduit of divine inspiration, I have also channeled and published a book on grace, moving in divine alignment, and a course on moving by faith, embodying inner trust. My spiritual background is rooted in a Christian upbringing and Krishna Bhakti lineage, and it is watered by the essence of love of God expressed throughout all the world's faith-filled traditions.

Approach to Topics
What I receive and share is for those who want to go deep into themselves and God's grace to release, renew, grow, and gather divine perspective. The gifts God gives me offer guidance to walk you through internal transformation over the phone. Along the way, a wealth of intuitive insight becomes revealed. I do not read the physical realm or future. Rather, my inner senses are given information of what is present in the unseen subtle energy, emotions, ethereal and spiritual layers of the truth. With that information I am then able to offer you descriptions, not predictions.

Upon the sound of your name and specific expression of your personal development aim or question, God guides me quickly through the heart with visions, messages, empathic sensations, and cues to convey to you. I do so exactly as I receive them, with care, compassion, honesty, and integrity. I do not edit, interpret, or judge, but simply relay to you what I receive in the very vision, words, energy or feeling it channels through me.

I have not found a topic of concern that God's healing grace cannot or will not address. The ways and means are as varied and personalized as individuality itself. You can expect the call and content to be whatever God inspires for you in the moment. It may include remote or guided energy harmonizing, visualization, movement, meditation, dance, prayer, or unlimited other possibilities yet to be discovered. Within my specialty of self renewal, healing dance and moving by faith to embody inner trust are my extra special specialties. So, please feel free to request them specifically if you are interested. I look forward to connecting with you. Thank you and God bless you.

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